Viewed: Ganz Chief welcomes special Rosh Hashanah

Lt. General Ganz congratulates IDF commanders and soldiers of the people of Israel and the Jewish diaspora for the new year: “we had many achievements, visible and hidden. May the next year be the year of peace and security. “

תאריך: 13/09/2012, 19:41    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Benny Gantz, Chief of general staff, welcomes the IDF commanders and soldiers citizens
Israel and the Jewish diaspora for Hebrew year. A video released by the IDF in the official channels, in a variety of social networks and five
Languages: English, Spanish, Russian, French and Arabic.

The new year, “the army said in the past year the army had many achievements, some visible and some are far from the public eye, inter alia: the year work
All IDF units in various layouts, motivation 1A high evidence list, IDF fighters along the border prevented attacks and smuggling in keeping residents of Israel, “iron dome” system has proven its capabilities, the new submarine accepted by the Navy and the Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit returned home. “

“And next year we should be in good, peace and security, and soldiers of the IDF commanders continue to prove their abilities to protect, and we get to see all IDF return home” unobstructed, concluded Chief.

Translated from Hebrew