Viewed: Gaza Division practiced evacuating mossek unprecedented scale

התרגיל, חודש שעבר. צילום: גיל קרמר, דו”ץ.

The exercise, which envisions mass-casualty incident (אר”ן), trained the hardest terrorist scenario forces and air cooperation: Székely warriors who attack, they need to know that behind them the best care.”

תאריך: 05/11/2014, 11:56    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

חיל האוויר

As with OWL helicopters are emerging in the southern division of the Gaza Division, twenty wounded in serious condition are lying on stretchers and receiving medical care.
Preliminary. The unlikely sight of so many of helicopters, land, occurred within a unique exercise in Division, where medical teams practiced mass casualty event (אר”ן) ♡ magnitude hasn’t been seen before.

“The practice of five helicopters simultaneously.
Vulnerability handlers humanity is unique, “said the IDF site call the Brigade medical officer, captain Daniel Albo. “Smoke the trick treating wounded.
Of many teams and five helicopters landing, one after another, the same placing.

Viewed: Gaza Division practiced evacuating mossek unprecedented scale

Although the exercise, the likelihood of such a scenario in a live
Is low. “The southern division is the latest sector gains peace and stability.
Life in civil defense, but we still take care to prepare ourselves for a compound event
That could happen as a result of terrorist activities, “he explained. “The scenario of war State property and not likely to happen in”.

Viewed: Gaza Division practiced evacuating mossek unprecedented scale

The extensive cooperation with the air force is also of importance, and according to Captain Albo and had contributed. “This exercise gives confidence to the medical powers that will handle an event of this magnitude,” said Captain Albo.
He said the importance of real-time medical forces is huge. “Shalohamim risk their lives and they need to know that they charge to take care of them in the best possible way if they get injured.
Think really be prepared for and confident in ourselves, “explained.


Translated from Hebrew