Viewed: medical practice, first of its kind in northern command

כוחות רפואה בפיקוד צפון בעת התרגיל

For the first time held in tactical training command, medical officers Ta with smart and dolls specialists in reserves: “challenging workout that improves your readiness
The incident with casualties. “

תאריך: 21/06/2013, 13:03    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

The 91st Division and enhance medical capabilities:
Practiced in northern command handling casualties during combat tactical training-mobile way a special exercise that uses smart doll, image combining specialists in the reserves who pass feedback to staff, in real time. The exercise was done in partnership with Tel Hashomer Hospital “ו”מסר on wheels “.

“One of the most significant challenges in our field is creating challenges for many training
The status of truth as much as possible, and those two things we are able to produce, “said the site
IDF medical officer of 91st Division, Lt. Col. Hagai Frankel. “We improve preparedness
And capable of medical teams to cope with casualties. If this kind of event, we’re ready. “

The mobile tactical trainer training, performed for the first time in the northeastern sector of the week
, Opened the reserve Division personnel who train according to reasonable scenarios that are in command. Practice all operations on smart doll, which simulate real hurt as much as possible. “Bleeding, bruised and responses-the closest thing to real casualty,” said IDF site Deputy Dr. Hadar Dr, combat engineering battalion which took part in the exercise.

The simulated casualty treatments are recorded on video, so that upon completion of the exercise already gather young doctors together with the reserve personnel and specialists are watching the work of feedback and lessons quickly and efficiently. “For many benefits. As far as I’m concerned is the main fact that educated me it handles, which allows better coaching, “added Deputy Dr.

Translated from Hebrew