Volunteer spirit

אסף ברנר

More and more patients with diabetes in recent years volunteers for military service. How of volunteers? What are the options? And how do you deal? For all these and more about weekend conference organized by JDRF for diabetic teenagers

תאריך: 08/03/2011, 15:10    
מחבר: אמנון דירקטור

JDRF in Israel set yesterday (Sunday) a big, recruits diabetic booked youth which security service candidates, along with their parents. At the entrance of the Hall were the Association’s information kiosks and information in a variety of fields associated with the disease and ways of dealing with it.

First married Professor Yashar lecture: “balance towards recruiting”. Prof. Cohen spoke of medical preparation of volunteers for the army recruitment, and how they should deal
With diabetes during the service. Then there was the political head Brigadier alhail_hail, volunteers, who reviewed the information to volunteer. Finally the latest volunteers serving in soldiers to share their service experiences and answer the questions that arose.

Well, what is diabetes? It is a chronic disease characterized by high blood glucose in the urine, and cannot be cured. In Israel there are approximately 400,000 patients with diabetes, from 30
Thousand people suffering from juvenile diabetes. The disease is due to a reason not clear, when the immune system attacks the body’s pancreas cells and leads to total destruction, lack of insulin hormone secretion and inability to clear sugar from the blood vessels. Life of diabetics depend on insulin injection from an external source, several times a day, many wounds for checking blood sugar level and strict diet regimen to maintain balance.

“The Association encourages youth, although diabetics to be contributing citizens equally, to the extent possible, if voluntary military service or national service, told
Ceo of JDRF every yakovzon, the Association works with cell volunteers and medical committees in order that the voluntary procedure be clear and efficient as possible, so that the youth can sign up together with their peers.

The volunteers, Deputy Head of alhail_hail, explained the volunteer army from the first order to the end, and shorter over the years, but over several months. Lieutenant Ahmed spoke about service options, rights and obligations, contact the volunteer coordinator, noted the draft finally answered the questions Soloman. “The IDF from doing everything to learn and improve the process and offered Manila organized with stakeholders ‘ positions, noted. This year those between 600 to 700 volunteers, and the list of roles available to them large and varied.

“Do exactly what my friends do.”

Private, diabetic four years, who immigrated to Israel from the u.s.
Six years ago, enlisted for six years as a training unit 669 רס”פ. Pine boot past volunteers at 7 and a number of great enjoyment for the job: “most of the time I’m on the ground, taking care of soldiers, organize training and is responsible for all logistics matters. Do you want to be close to the warriors and serve a significant role “.

All the while you pine fills the significant role, he hangs out with his needle, and six twice a day he injects insulin into himself in order to balance blood sugar. He doesn’t feel special and rather happy about the interest of his unit: “members of the military are asking questions about diabetes: what is it? What does the injection? And I happily tell them. Helping friends when it’s necessary, and we are in the company
Bring me “צ’וקולוקים” (sweets, slang צה”לית). He says proudly that although the disease is see no reason not to join the army, and urged everyone to join.

A wave knocked, however, is still before the draft. She is diabetic for seven years, and began the process of voluntary army first order yet. Her dream was to sing in a band. GAL went to auditions for military bands and several subordinates, especially
Bureaucratic difficulties, and of course a lot of inertia on the tbshra, she successfully passed the auditions and recruiting the army happy. Next month, she joined the Navy band.

“They always told me I had no option to enlist, but it was clear to me that there’s no such thing as me and I signed up,” she says. “I want to contribute and I do exactly what my friends do.” The only thing Congress is not satisfied is that she won’t do a normal boot like her friends. “I think compulsory to enlist,” she says, “and despite the red tape and the voluntary process mustn’t despair and arduous need to insist to get the parts you want.

Translated from Hebrew