הטירונים על מגרש המסדרים. צילום: אדם מאיי, דובר צה”ל

They fought to challenge the Medical Committee to free them from military service, struggled and reached the boot camp volunteers to serve everyone. Today they are proud to determine: “anyone can and should serve”

תאריך: 12/08/2012, 12:28    
מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

Private light 12 serving in the air force. Private plugatit in coastal Klein banked infantry. Private dscht the IDF spokesperson Ezekiel no areas of overlap in their work, and probably never would have met. But they met for one week. On every
A. they report every day on the training base of the C4I Corps. In the evening came home after classes on אב”כ, weapon, IDF, Israel flag, anthem, coat of arms and the military hierarchy.

Deaf, dumb, blind, celiac patients and Quran, astmatis and mental problems are unable to enlist in the army, but their ability to volunteer for military service, the first step is training this special inaugural Churchill terminated.
The Hatikvah was never so much meaning as when cutting at the end of the oath.

“Too big,” says volunteer private Ezekiel dscht. It is designed to play a role in fighting the IDF spokesperson, doctors and army to enlist. So, while Haredi family doesn’t support it. His wife and grandmother accompanied him, and was last at the end of the boot camp. Hugged and excited, protest and smiled throughout the afternoon.
“Most memorable moments as a kid when my dad would come back are uniforms home.
Since I realized there was someone watching us and allow us to sleep peacefully. This is an obligation we have to do, “says corporal dscht seriously. Will the other volunteers and contagious.
And in the air like a hot summer.

The basic non-compressed empowers them and Riflery does not use weapons. There are lessons on it, as all the learners all soldiers at tironotam. Content give them a general idea of the military and how work values, professional lessons, and of course discipline. No easy field, but the sensitivity.

Sometimes the volunteers feel stick with personnel too. Commanders fear the soldiers and recruits require hard discipline. Over time we learn to balance, “says rookie Company Commander, Lt. Tal savage. For over five years at the base of the boot of ICT Volunteers in only once so far was boot camp where volunteers
12, but quickly returned to the arms of ICT professionals.

“We fought that clean the boot camp here. We do this out of volunteering,
We’ve held the subject “depicts Chief Technology and basic training at 7, Lieutenant Colonel Ronen Azaria. “When I talk to them I hear the pride, the recognition of the privilege granted to enlist. To be a part of. To donate. They are good soldiers and motivation, it
The type of troops that we have in the military, and therefore the IDF “.

Why can’t I get a warrant first?

Like the famous recruitment cycles August-November to March, even for basic
This can be one of three cycles. Hundreds of volunteers serve annually and at training week 7 in tzrifin, or other name: boot camp.

The background to the release from regular compulsory military service due to physical disabilities. Crates, wheelchairs, missing limbs, severe disease as cancer, diabetes, digestive diseases of celiac, caravan or lactose and mental illness in the past fired from military service. But not
From volunteering. Or.

Advancing their capabilities are limited. Also many positions open for them and they find themselves shtvatim in important roles, graphics, intelligence, decoding, an entity, media relations, logistics, etc. From clerks to programmers of all intelligence units.
In most cases they find the appropriate path and that it is desirable for each before their enrollment,
And they become officers in a special course.

The equality is maintained throughout the boot camp – the number of boys and girls almost
Same. Also the team captains does not discriminate among the other recruits, soldiers. These are border police controls that are different from other commanders. Preparation for working with volunteers carried out before boot camp. For many, half a week of challenging and twice against February month basic training. In addition to commanders sometimes comes another authority: Trooper training audio, a translator for the deaf helped against them.

At the end of the training comes graduation. “The exciting inauguration so indescribable. Pride
Parents ‘ mesmerizing, magical. This draft non-trivial “, explains Lieutenant Colonel that Azaria.
He emphasizes that there is a subtle relationship between military requirements and capabilities. It is the responsibility of health condition and may deteriorate as a result of not recruitment.
“And yet they contribute like everybody else, we live in environment, is thrilled.

“I noticed that everyone started to get a warrant first, and I don’t,” recalled private light called “outstanding recruitment to find and order sent after medical examinations received an exemption because
Disability, “he says. With motor problem, shortness of breath and blindness in one eye, select
12 to volunteer. “I want a future in the military leadership, or, and to acquire a profession. I want to have military “, explains corporal sabari. In the air force he took equal service as his age.

Not wanting to be different.

Like him feel also private hofit Klein. She learned to cope with medical limitations and enlisted for duty requiring her to sleep in the barracks – plugatit in Givati receptionist. “At first I was glad that I wasn’t signed up. But later I realized I didn’t want to be different. I decided to do it for me. To prove to myself that I can “, says private Klein and adds excitement and with a smile that” grade to 11th air force discharges all the time and now I want to show I can and it’s not a waste of time. On the contrary, it’s fun and it’s an experience. Every day I woke up with a smile throughout basic training.

Basic training for volunteers was good. In her class, many said at the conclusion of various formulations in the same sentence. “I had fun, met friends and now I’m sad it’s over. Allow a week Next month, concluded that one of the soldiers.

“We all have the same desire here, and fun to open up and talk about these things. Here there are no ugly comments. I’m ashamed of what I have, and suddenly I felt that I had someone to talk to about it. Who understands “, explains corporal Klein. Penetrating energies to expanding orders for graduation.

Private private private 12 dscht and Klein are doing within the groups with the other company.
“I swear! I swear! I swear, shout, shake the Foundation and heart.
His quiet songs as they approach one to co, holding a gun and a Bible and swear.

It is not military. Parents are allowed to descend to the Agency, take their children near the moment they declare to the world that with all the difficulty, they will give you all the help and all they could. And when the anthem, words fail in view. Yet undone. And hundreds of soldiers are determined and correct enlist volunteers annually for the IDF, company, country and especially for themselves – we must not lose our hope.

Translated from Hebrew