Walking on water

אורי בוז‘ו. צילום: דובר צה”ל

The world champion in water-skiing can be found daily at the base.
אט”ל, sewing workshop. It doesn’t stop my contempt, the best athlete, hoping for more medals in the industry

תאריך: 15/01/2013, 13:18    
מחבר: אלעד לביא, אט”ל

Water skiing may not be covered in our sports channels frequently, but it does not prevent water ski team in the country to win competitions and get to land and respect. In October of last year, the URI of an athlete excels
19-year-old triggered waves of shatachrtha at the world championship held in Philippines – and had the title of world champion.

If the evening she carries water inversions, can find it.
Where are many of her friends her age – in the military. “I serve at the root and working as a seamstress at the workshop. Makes me happy that I found a way to perform a significant role in the IDF and combined with my training. ” The equipment at Tel Hashomer, is responsible for the equipment throughout the IDF she works together with officers, non-commissioned officers and civilians employees of the IDF – everyone’s heard
The last achievement. “Everyone is very supportive of me. At first the majority never even heard of
The term “water skiing”, but following recent winnings they began to understand what this is about, and encourage me every time there’s a competition, “she says.

Water skiing is a sport, during which the competitor uses a pair of skis or wikskiit
(Surfed form skateboarding) to stabilize itself. During the competitions, but
Posture measured competitors they can perform various tricks while surfing, and, as well as heavyweight here taking a landing position. The sport has become more popular in countries with many water sources.

“The competitions are held in various countries such as Germany, Netherlands, Finland, the Philippines and many others,” she explains. “The sport has gained real momentum there – for instance in Germany were for about 60 training camps.” But even in a small country has developed a hobby of sport when it is cultivated mostly in the Park begin.

At the age of eight, she joined the Israeli contempt in water skiing, the only 12. competed in her first World Championship. “The first time I walked into the water during the competition, I just started crying with fear. Some tournaments later and already have
Five medals and 25 trophies. “

When that first place medal neck, looks like there is anywhere else to go. But for URI is just the beginning. “I want to win more tournaments and to get more medals,
It promises.

Walking on water

Translated from Hebrew