“Walking the Shalit family every step of the way.”

Head missing persons (אית”ן), class almshaali, Lieutenant Colonel about the period in which the IDF has the potentate – and of course the day
Gilad returned to us.

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מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

The Israeli public held his breath about a year ago, on 18 October. For five years ran a family struggle wide public release the son, רס”ל (Res.) Gilad Shalit, who was kidnapped near the Kerem Shalom crossing five years earlier.
The Government gave the green light, and the decision was final — Gilad’s journey home began with him.

All along, officials escorted the casualty department in the army. The officers formed shoulder support for parents Noam and Aviva, were stuck in cautiously and without reservation that the IDF has made all possible efforts to bring their son home safely.
In a swirl of uncertainty about the officers were casualties of stability, as the military courier in mitzpe Hila.

Head missing persons (אית”ן), Colonel Ward on almshaali, restore
Those moments in the past year. Since IDF soldier was missing in June 2006 to the night flight by helicopter, alongside רס”ל (Res.) Gilad Shalit and his family.

“The relationship with the ruler was straight all along.”

In 25.6.2006 having the team of terrorists tank in Kerem
Hello. The team terrorists breached the perimeter fence, and in a few minutes killed two soldiers and traced to the Gaza Strip as a prize – shvidam soldier. “Immediately after the incident, after it became clear that a soldier is missing, the industry kicked in,” said אית”ן head, Lt.-Col.
About almshaali. In addition to investigating the incident accompanied Shalit contact centre officers to prisoners and families. “Our work was divided into two parts – a team of persons
That deal with aspects of the investigation and all related to the kidnapping scene analysis with escort staff who stood beside the ruler, “explained Lieutenant Colonel almshaali.

In the initial phase enrolled even reserve officers, in addition to regular officers, to accompany her family on her sword. “These officers qualified to enter the soldier went missing immediately after the incident, and some social workers and psychologists. Purpose
The main family assistance had when it comes to support. At the same time, they were the subject of coordination meetings with various parties and family contact with the IDF “, said Lieutenant Colonel almshaali.

In reality those days wasn’t particularly stormy, and hence the connection with the
Shalit was closely based. “The Chief of staff and head of אכ”א also met with the ruler, as
Even government officials. The connection was also inflicted on the ruler and third visits they got them, “recalled Lt. Col. almshaali.

The inspiring resilience, Shalit will not stop fighting for the return of Gilad home.
The caravan route near the Prime Minister until the formation of the ו”צבא downwards for Shalit, Gilad’s friends –
Activities in the public arena from North to South. “You could see that the conduct of State was quite”, said Lieutenant Colonel almshaali and added that “the political issues and the topic was something that followed him, but we weren’t involved. The family could manage it when you know the place of the army, without involving him in the political issues that are related to it. However, all the moves themselves did not prevent
Us to visit my family and keep close contact with her.

“There was joy on the face of Gilad even when he saw wearing that uniform.”

The symbolism of October 18th 2011 seemed almost designed. A day to commemorate 25 years of major Ron Arad in captivity, release רס”ל (Res.) Gilad Shalit. The fate of the first unknown to this day, the fate of the other was returning home. “That night I was present in the evening to mark 25 to be alerted of Ron Arad, Ramat David. During the evening there was a message that the Government of Israel will convene and discuss the release
Of Gilad Shalit, “Lieutenant Colonel almshaali the back moments from last year. “Immediately after the incident I went to Jerusalem, and at the same time the decision on the release of Gilad.
I came to the Shalit tent with the other officers of the Department, to celebrate with the family, “said אית”ן head.

The other night was the first time before completed five years in captivity – Gilad Shalit was captured by Hamas, and his parents in captivity escaped mingled concern. There was great excitement and many civilians there. On the one hand I was glad about the decision and were still me still doubts and concerns about what should happen at the last minute, “explained Lieutenant Colonel

From that moment on, the IDF should prepare for return of רס”ל (RES). “That night we began to organize all events related to Gilad’s return – technical aspects to the issuing commands are organized and planning in order to consolidate the right ways for his return,” said Lieutenant Colonel almshaali. The IDF was already equipped with commands are organized well in advance, since different media reports abounded about his return, but this time it was.
“We started to organize the return of Gilad in a dignified manner, and should also accompany the family closely. We need to make sure the military planning doesn’t conflict with family, but will overlap, “point out head.

The רס”ל (Res.) Gilad Shalit met אית”ן head immediately upon his return. Among the Chief casualties and support by רמ”ח, head אית”ן up with the helicopter cargo to mitzpe Hila. “In the first few days we spent a lot of time with Gilad and his family, and was happy about the release,” testified Lieutenant Colonel almshaali.

Circle of hope and expectation, longing, signed a year ago.
The officers injured and missing persons branch could breathe a sigh of relief. Also Gilad Shalit’s family and himself to evaluate the attitude of the IDF, which cares for soldiers everywhere in the country and abroad. “The joy was evident on the face of Gilad even when he saw wearing that uniform, there was some criticism. Exactly the opposite. “

Translated from Hebrew