War drums

Military bands also joined the effort, “ב”עמוד down the rally grounds and replaced the sirens singers, and the noise tanks in drbockot. IDF website joined a travelling bands post post trying to relieve the tension, Israeli

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מחבר: רותם פסו ויעל זהבי, אתר צה”ל

Operation “pillar” took eight full days of loud voices.
Between sounds of audible alarms airplane interceptions rockets and other sounds, too comforting.
If the darbuka and keyboards, military bands onto jackets and took to the rally grounds.
And protected spaces. Equipped with the vocal cords and the instruments, are where the hearts of soldiers cut the songs strings.

Members of the okapzzo military bands to which education and youth, and educational force established forward education unit (יח”ק) to coordinate the tour. “We finished a very successful day and I’m proud. Was an excellent job, and we’re getting good feedback from Mr. education too.
And space, “says David רמ”ד, major productions to his troops azuelos With the progress of the operation, increased the number of troops and the deployment of the expanded bands. “Ultimately soldiers are. In a State of uncertainty and intense, it’s our time.
Throw. For that we exist, for these moments, “explains major azuelos.

צה”לולים band, a band dedicated to the military and the Eastern Mediterranean, was ready to go. Yes the sound equipment and tools on a bus, and it seems that the image was taken from the movie entered the rank of the military bands “band”.  As one of the freshest and unique pieces of cultural sector in education, members of the band to the shbanttam spaces, Oriental repertoire and one goal-to make the soldiers.

First stop: a Conference on space sector

The first band is the Assembly area of Division of 188
The armor. As he approached the target up the excitement of the band for the first show of the day. “Finally do what we’re supposed to do,” says Sergeant Omar Israeli enthusiasm, the band’s soundman, as reflected in the oil window shows dozens of tanks
And hundreds of regular troops, and photo, noisy silence of uncertainty.
Bus voltage selector, which eliminates the typical band with music. Great tone and everyone is singing the chorus of Zohar Argov: the sweet fragrance of flower gardens.

Falling off the changes in the reality of the camp; Tanks, soldiers yelling. The band draws my gaze, which days are viewing area. “Come here!” he shouts to the rioner tanks, and band members walk, overcome the embarrassment and start performing.

War drums

The band’s repertoire consists of happy songs only, that songs and Mediterranean cuisine is that most Israelis love to hear. To the sounds of the place seems to contain more practice.
Or a routine exercise of the IDF.  Suddenly, while Sgt. Alfred tashvili, moving rioner at a tired song of Zohar Argov, an unfortunate row of soldier killed in sector. “This is our reality and yet we move on,” proclaimed Maj. azuelos.

Second stop: Kibbutz Sa’ad

Second stop band is coming is a grouping, grouping the five kilometers in the Gaza Strip. The group are already six days a dozen reservists from the 2nd Battalion of the Givati Brigade and battalion combat veterans of the great sword.
Once you get to the Friends Group, the increase in speed. On the lawn in front of them reservists sitting in complacency on the lawn, it seems not much has changed in days.
The latter. “I can’t wait to make them happy. It is the nature of the job, “says private.
Tamar yosha, Commander. “I didn’t realize it until the operation. Trackers, do not feel this mission every day, “she admits.

Private Leal suddenly tzbachon sits on a Chair and slightly plastic. “I
Tense now. Just hit a rocket at the building near the place of residence of my cousin in Rishon Lezion. Her parents are abroad, and she alone, “she said anxiously. “But there is no
What to do. When appears I Poker pace, the soldiers on edge is themselves.
Adds and Showtime on the background as needed. The reservists come together slowly, and the show begins. Fast from the expected change Boing! faces and eyes in fatigue show faces and mouths. The band members also surprising bonus-יוהל”ן, Brigadier General Rachel Weisel and Chief Education Officer (קח”ר), Brig. Gen. j. miermeister, who come to watch the show.

“As part of the effort to strengthen the cultural spirit of the Warriors brought musical ensembles and bands
Military to make happy and enrich the dialogue and create things, “says Brig. Gen. j. miermeister to the IDF website.” military bands are so deep and powerful element in the Israeli national ethos, we and them over the past few years in terms of quality and quantity of trained bands, “he says. The disclosure is part of reveals that military bands volunteered to go to reserve service. “It’s heartwarming and strengthens the connection between regular soldiers reserve, and the Israeli army. Together we strengthen resilience, “notes קח”ר proudly.

Suddenly sounds an alarm. The show has to stop and the band running into the protected area, the makeshift bedroom in one of the buildings, face sitting reservists.  After a few minutes taking the darbuka and Leal, a sweeping shlatida danced and sang Sgt. Alfred, not pretty voices.

Third and last post: Kfar Aza

Tonight on the southern sector, and the rocket airplane interceptions like Fireworks in the sky. צה”לולים band members show no trace of fatigue, because they know that soldiers waiting for them. The band down from the bus and entering the bright faces of the base instead of exclusion. They were waiting for it to break. With joy that was embarrassing wedding went in the dining room, moving to a larger space. “Fun to here and made us glad, רס”ל (RES) Zaid emeralds from the great sword.
“We were the day took us from fear,” notes רס”ל (RES) Osama Khatib.

צה”לולים band releasing strings the audience and even the Israeli Druze. “Everything here-shelling, fear and sleepless nights-we did everything,” forgotten faces רס”ל (Ret.) Salah Kamal of the sword into the band. After the reservists show looks like feeling. “It seems that the soldiers needed it, and fun to watch
Military band makes happy. It raised morale, and necessary. It should last
Wherever and whenever possible, safety emphasizes Lieutenant (Ret.) Shaul dew, Assistant Adjutant officer the laughing stock of the reserve battalion.

War drums

Sgt. (Ret.) Noor roisentor, 25 of Barqan, really needed this break. “It was great, with an amazing atmosphere. You have elevated the mood. It’s like in the movies, when the military comes to shlaka sticks to make happy, “he says with harmless of nostalgia.

At the end of the party must end, and צה”לולים need to sleep. They’re loading up on the bus and on their way back they still can’t fall asleep. The day isn’t over until you enter Lesh. In the education and youth. “It was amazing, it gave me satisfaction, even if I
Hoarse, “agreed PFC Leal cobachn, gave an encore after Encore on the darbuka. “All the fun here is to perform in front of soldiers and to see them jump and enjoy. This is important with all the stress they undergo. They have many concerns, and it’s driving them. Need to understand they are many
Time heard the music, I guess we’re their MP3, she agreed with a smile.

Private Boaz Lubin, who joined the band on this brief tour, he also translated the experience into a value. “These days I realize why I joined the army. A view in front of soldiers and leaves them with a smile on his face after 28 days they were away from home, you feel the meaning. It’s fun, and maybe funny to say that
In war we bloom “.


Translated from Hebrew