Shaped steel broke the extreme threats could deal with them in a special training day with senior officers meet and examined possible solutions for each of them.

תאריך: 30/09/2012, 11:06    
מחבר: פלורית שויחט, אתר צה”ל

Know your enemy: shaped steel celebrated the week day special training for commanders and level up to deepen professional knowledge of intelligence. The periodic training in rolls, and included some theoretical studies about the threats and acts of the heterogeneous groups of representatives of the Division’s various powers, including, inter alia, infantry troops, armor, and artillery. The goal: to make the division level a common language, and to understand the threat of same level by commanders.

“Our goal is to learn the other side of the enemy, and deepen their professional knowledge in the ring where we operate,” explained a senior IDF website designed steel. “We’re breaking
The threat and to make surgeons like this we can make the threat to the Division’s fighting scene. Analyzing the enemy we episodes types of arrays, custom challenges and types of coping with these values, describing the cause.

The practical part of the Division, is divided among each group a specific sector.
Her team needs to address. After understanding the threat of modular manner, the group asked
Dress up the operational response. “Meg all units are building a heterogeneous group.
That includes all elements of strength, allowing us to take more risks and make the army strength in all its glory, and make your plans to bring to the fore of fire and maneuver, “explained.

The trend of strengthening the army operational intelligence on the ground gives advanced also left its mark. “In General, the commanders demonstrated very high orientation as shabnh is intelligence have weight,” said, “we all know his side.
II. Today we worry that commanders at all levels recognize this issue and review the intelligence to come down much lower so that troops are ready for war. “

According to the cause, many changes in the Middle East are many years the preparation for modiainis challenges. “In General, there are very large dynamic intelligence, primarily Punta armies they don’t like Hezbollah and Hamas,” said. “There is a sort of Chase and the enemy is trying to change. We need to catch up as Division, despite the changes, “said.

The groups also held a dialogue between the operators of the power that is the Division or a combat doctrine writers תו”ל Department of GoC army headquarters. It also involved air force officials, and sometimes Navy.

Translated from Hebrew