Warming in southern command

Southern Command Headquarters set sports day attended by all the private command to the Commander in charge. Gen. Rousseau: “good fitness improves functioning within the military and outside.”

תאריך: 23/11/2011, 14:18    
מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

Southern command troops participate in field day commanding a month, as part of the day in sports, attended by all the private command troops to command, Commander Gen. Tal Russo, trained the soldiers and spinning classes workout.

Already in the early morning deployed dozens of spinning bikes headquarters, which was set up which included health stand nutrition pamphlets and smoking, BMI and body fat, weight, smoking and CO measurement energy bars. Command staff officers, who participated in the exercise in the early morning, showed good fitness and full cooperation with the authorities.
At the top of the practice also Gen. Tal Russo,
That said, the IDF site that training is very important “and that” ultimately, those sorts of events enhance the functioning within the military and outside, and it’s for the best. “

Physical training officer of the southern command, Capt. Galit, noted that “the main focus is to raise awareness of the sport, and the soldiers feel on flesh and need. She said many people benefited for other activities. Another major stressed
Chen said that “it is important to focus on the issue with Greece, as usually they work long hours.

A senior officer in the southern command, who interviewed the IDF website, echoed remarks physical training officer. “The sports awareness much higher today, especially among the officers. It is part of the military culture and consequence in the army. Although the military lifestyle is not easy to combine exercise with, but it certainly is important, “said the officer.

The month starting on November 1 in the white night in Tel Aviv, attended by many of the IDF officers he ends the race. In the month, southern command to edit sports activities. Thus, for example, and will be inaugurated next Monday.
New gym in the 80th, which was donated by toto and in cooperation with
IDF combat fitness also will be training and lectures on nutrition.

Translated from Hebrew