Warrior ‘ iron dome ‘: “when I pressed the button an interception family.”

Warriors of the air defense system are critical to protecting the area. This weekend recorded another interception iron ל’כיפת in Kiryat Malachi, a full battery fighters in pride

תאריך: 11/12/2011, 18:46    
מחבר: שיר ברם, אתר חיל האוויר

After the successful interception recorded for its “iron dome” system “last Friday, the Warriors defense aerospace vigilance and preparedness. A battery that protects
Ashdod is on full alert for another shooting missiles, after last week fired nearly 20 rockets into Israel.

The iron dome battery in Ashdod held in operational activities, and Friday afternoon intercepted a rocket above Kiryat Malachi. “Since the recent IDF operations in the Gaza Strip, we are on alert because of increased possibility of steep track towards Israel,” says Capt. Elad cinamon, Commander of the battery. “We are always ready for an attack from the Gaza Strip, but when terrorist hijackers blow from the army vigilance increases, Greece we know they don’t sit in silence,” he explains.

The “iron dome” system, for now I’m impressed more successful interceptions, gaining popularity among recruits to the aerial defense. Originally joined the Patriot,
But I passed the iron ל’כיפת of Greece it is very concerned, as Israel and personally have a family in the South, “says Josh, the Warrior symbol intercept the rocket.

“It was successful aiirot pride,” says Jason, “symbol for this sign, to engage in operational activities and to bring benefit to the IDF at the time of the interception, when I pressed the button, I thought about my family and I left all my friends jumped me. I’ve been waiting for the next interception.

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