Warriors and photographers: Kfir Brigade expands use of documenting operational

מתעד מבצעי בחטיבת כפיר. יעקב חייאב, מערך התיעוד המבצעי

Fighting terrorism: not only can a Kfir fighters-were systematically model regimental exercise, while returning the complex operational employment in

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מחבר: פלורית שויחט, אתר צה”ל

In the Divisional final exercise as the emphasis not only on traditional ngvist’s PAC and the Medic-but also in the operational documents: document warriors used extensively and systematically throughout the tiny, the goal is clear: to train them to film the reality when you command or routine operational activity, and show
The IDF’s side if necessary. During the investigation, the document model during practice
The intense review could give commanders about the activity, and photographed major events that can make items that can expand distribution while sending to Central Visual situation on campus. Last week, the Commander of the Kfir Brigade, Colonel Audie akudo, special conversation with documenting about importance.

“When you look at the challenges in the northern and southern sector, in other locations, and we know that Kfir bringing the righteous image of the battlefield can affect the results,” the IDF site Kfir Brigade Commander Colonel, UDI Ben power, “wrote that really do it for us from the front line”. There are ten Division record
Operational, documenting the Regiment, and it is hoped to increase them – documents to the company.

All the Division’s brigades are in the process of returning to operational employment in Judea and Samaria, after a period in which the Division’s six gdodia were scattered on all fronts.
According to the document, “are part of the look in Judea and Samaria. Sensitive places like Bayou even have repercussions on a political level, and we have to tell the whole story, and help the army to show other aspects of our activity in the area.

A year ago, this subject has received a valid year claen system which actually wasn’t useful. “We had operational successes as in the case of GAL Weingarten’s battalion,
And we had a set of documents. I understand that chmach I can not miss these important items, “said Colonel Ben. “It’s great potential. as the situation on the ground more complicated and problematic, the presence of which necessarily complicates the business. Commanders usually avoid this exposure, but this is expected to facilitate the deal, “he added.

Employment in operational fighters will need once again to deal with the ongoing friction with
Citizens, and fighting in a built-up area. All documents need to be aware of operational and human aspects. Returned with troops to IO and lots of work, people and things that need love and to learn, “explained Brigade and added that” we prepare our operational Bayou, and replace the switch to North arena. “

The IDF spokesperson emphasized that preserving and encouraging the expansion of operational documentation is
One of the objectives of the work programme to the year 2013. Operational documentation section of the IDF will continue to train dozens of fighters of the army, and deliver them but also photographic training special photo documentation system field. Also in operation “pillar” has been used in filming-combatants extensively since the establishment of the array.

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