Warriors continue to climb North

The northern command indicated that international women’s day of dealing with major characters who broke through for other women.

תאריך: 08/03/2012, 17:11    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

Also in northern command batteries serving women through to the top.
Captain Ali Bornstein is an medical officer. Bornstein came from, but nevertheless decided to take part in military service, he is not having second thoughts. “Trivial domestic religious girl to enlist, and everybody said that waste your time and find out it was a mistake,” she says.

But Bornstein, whose dream was to study medicine, she graduated from the reserve army to track emergency medical services. Only 24 years old and behind several roles. After completing medical school, enlisted for service, the officers school and commenced her role, which enjoyed a golden opportunity which gave her the IDF to learn the profession he has always dreamed of.

“I had no important pointless service, and want to feel significant activity.
I really loved the army, and gave it to me “, says Bornstein, who currently
She was the only officer who serves in the regional divisions. “Over time there are more and more girls who come to the field,” she says.

To all the girls who fear any frame, it advises that “whoever really wants can find only military contribution and significant development activities of very large. Even if you’re not a fighter and if you have not selected a crazy profession you can get a lot of satisfaction, “military.

Designed with troops in the northern sector conducted today a series of lectures and activities dealing with the international women’s day. The activities that have been designed based on the position of women in the army and Israeli society and aroused great interest and sympathy among the soldiers. Commander
In Thunder, Colonel Murphy Millo said that all soldiers must give of themselves.
The best – whether men or women.

“My wife is a hero to me,” says Col. Millo on a personal level. “While I am during the week, she does the hard work really increase.
It’s hard work than my work, “said the Commander of the Division.

Later in the day learned Division soldiers also on Golda Meir, Alice Miller and Maj. Gen. Ali love – those women who paved their way, both political and military and prominent today in history as women who were in the country.

Translated from Hebrew