Water and fire: Captains are continuing in the tradition of “torch” race

The race, in memory of the late Bob accommodation is that perished in the disaster, attended by 200 cadets of the Captains: “symbolizes the connection between Haifa Navy”

תאריך: 06/12/2012, 15:21    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

Torch race course the Cadet captains, which takes place this year in memory of the late Deputy Chief Craig accommodation which perished in the disaster, held yesterday (Wednesday). The race was attended by about 200 naval cadets and about 100 officers, coast district
And he moved between five schools in the city, which stopped running in order to explain to students about the Corps and encourage recruitment to it.

At the opening ceremony, which was held at the University of Haifa, granted recognition to the University Rector David Fergie on cooperation and communication between the University and the Navy.
“This race represents the relationship between Haifa Navy,” said the Commander of Col. Yuval, captains. “The main bases in Haifa, Haifa University and full part in the training of naval officers. We are grateful to Haifa-residents and leaders. It is important to let the city gives us. “

In life, a big part is included in the Organization of the annual race, and died two days after the race of 2010. Last year it was decided to dedicate the race to remember. At the opening ceremony, where lighted the torch which carried by runners, was also attended by representatives of the accommodation. “This race is a symbol of the determination and solidarity,” she said in her speech, Bob’s widow Lee 2. “During each of you finds persistence and heroism in cooperation
And reciprocity. We wish you success during services – keep moving and find humanity. ” The torch lit Deputy’s brother, Nathan.

The race lasted 20 km and ends at the Navy. After the race in her run for the children, in light of the guidance of naval cadets.

Translated from Hebrew