“We went for ‘ pillar ‘ to enable a quiet life for the residents of the South.”

אל”ם וינטר, צילום: דובר צה”ל

Colonel Ofer vinter summarizes rather busy period as Commander of the Northern Division. In a special interview to the IDF site is talking about the achievements and, on
“Pillar” and the following challenges

תאריך: 25/07/2013, 19:28    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

Colonel Ofer vinter Office as Commander of the Northern Division in one of the most turbulent periods of the past. Less than a month after a rocket, fired from Gaza Courant bus near children.
From command positions in Givati, the Duvdevan unit and finally over the reserve Division
“Merom” rats, he went to Division Chief in Gaza Division. The attack, if you will, before Colonel winter protection.

“Complicated task,” he admitted in a conversation with the IDF website, you need to maintain zero. Each event is an event for all penetration that someone could get hurt and have to be prepared for any occasion. Indeed, an anti-tank missile fired by hurting John צה”לי who toured near Nahal Oz, Givati soldiers who were with him knew how to respond. The force responded very well, and the enemy suffered severe casualties, “Colonel winter recalled.

The Colonel winter’s command period can be divided into two parts-before and after operation “pillar”. He says that “until the operation period characterized attack attempts, shot attempts on farmers, freight discounts, attempts to perform short range anti-tank missile fire against the forces on the ground and many steep trajectory gunfire. It was a period of ups and downs, highlights of escalation and alert relaxation.

The rounds have become increasingly frequent, the shooting became more intense and in October 2012, experiencing the southern command about three rounds and three escalation of events, including the cargo company commander Capt. Adam Givati, Ziv. In addition, for the first time since Shalit’s abduction triggered a booby-trapped tunnel. “I mean all the summers and felt really tired,” says Colonel winter, “we felt that we should give them the ability to live in peace, to live.
So we went for ‘ pillar ‘.

“The Division was in operation, Colonel winter, recalls” a lot of the focus in the power Division, and was a significant challenge to prepare for bringing all forces. ” Although the operation ended without bottom entrance to the Gaza Strip, but according to Colonel winter – the achievements were impressive. “The end of the operation, the silence is silent unseen for years in the Division as a whole,” he explains. Indeed, when it seemed that the operation dealing
Sector is different: there was a period of riots and attacks on, and fought it hard until the phenomenon slowly faded.

Colonel winter, on closer inspection, not Digest his retirement job. After two years of accomplishments, numerous operational events, is moving on. For while.
Just “I am leaving the unit in mixed emotions,” he admits, “I’m very attached to people. People who hopkdati to protect the people, and the Division carried out together with the admirable way mission “.

“The marked ourselves lines and directions on how to accomplish the task,” he says, “first and foremost the approach was working with troops for the mission. Troops do not serve the Division but are serving together with us the mission. That attitude has helped the Division
Love to meet mission.  To his successor, Colonel Yaron Finkelman, he consults “continue” to sunshine. Before, before the light, shut the night events and we’re ready for the next day. Continue to work with the troops for the mission, and we serve a sector which is the main mission.

For the next part, the Commander of the Givati Brigade, Colonel winter takes a deep breath. “This is a significant challenge and one of the most important positions”, he concludes.

Translated from Hebrew