“We worked in Bulgaria from international mission.”

משלחת צה”ל לבולגריה. צילום: דובר צה”ל

The Deputy chapter summarizes the activities of IDF delegation to Burgas accessible medical assistance to wounded in the attack in Bulgaria: “prepared to handle any event and any destination in the world.”

תאריך: 27/07/2012, 18:10    
מחבר: הללי יצחק, אט”ל

An IDF delegation to Burgas in Bulgaria, the Chief command, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz following the attack which occurred in the intensive activities of last week, it gave medical attention to the wounded in the attack.

The delegation comprised the best medical specialists in the following areas: surgery, anesthesia and intensive care medicine, and Soroka hospitals, Rambam, תה”ש, Kaplan, Assaf Harofeh and Schneider. “At 17:30 on Wednesday last week, we heard about the attack.
We started to prepare in case the Ribbon guide on sending port At 8 p.m. it’s order.
אט”ל advance, Maj. Gen. Kobi telegram to the Chief Medical Officer, Brig. Gen. Dr. Isaac Kreis. Before
Takeoff briefing by פקע”ר can champion, champion Eyal eizenberg and crepe at 7:00 a.m. the planes already have landed in Burgas, said Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Dodo, קרפ”ר, in the moments before the delegation’s departure to Burgas.

“We started in the scenario mode system is very new and different from what we used to do. We tried to collect data and what we know is that there are dozens of wounded and seven killed, and more than that, “Colonel Dr. Dagan and noted that” the control unit 669, who took part in the expedition, the full 12 personnel within an hour and a half. Under the command of Brigadier General
RES Hi Leo, the HFC, we, in three planes of the leading medical equipment and means for treating the injured on the ground and in flight.

“At the scene were injured in minor to moderate enjoying to see soldiers coming to help. The Bulgarians have shared with us. They did everything they could and gave an excellent treatment to the wounded, “Colonel Dr. Dagan restored,” the Chief Medical Officer assumes
Us because our capacity depends on our work against the Bulgarians, and they were indeed excellent and worthy partners. However, the confusion and the largest among the wounded looking for their relatives, the delegation put in situations requiring “.

The Deputy chapter describes that one, asked the staff person who was wounded by shrapnel in the face, because the injury was not too hard to get on the plane so he could get treatment.
In the country. “That person was walking around frantically at the scene of the attack in an attempt to find his missing wife.
After the explosion. We tried to convince him repeatedly to get us on the plane, but he refused in effect until you locate his wife and locked her up with him. Eventually the Rabbinate
Identified the body of the woman, and so he agreed to go with us, “he recalls.

Members of the military Rabbinate along with medical corps engaged in identifying spaces at the airport bombing. “The people in power were carrying identification, as
It mentioned the attacks we had scenes on Earth after the bus blew up, “said
Major Dr. Noam protter, רמ”ד medical identification tags. “The complex task required delegation return position estimates at any time. We use the most advanced methods available to us against not an easy task at all.

Three injured critically were evacuated immediately by Bulgarians forces to the hospital in Sofia. For latecomers, Corps officials also under Dr. Dagan, uncle to collect the wounded and returned to Neverland. “The hardest thing we did was evaluate the condition of the injured already posted, and decide whether to carry them or not,
Since the ability to fly wounded, and mechanically ventilated euthanized is a special skill that exists only in the surgical unit of 669. The conduct enabled professional care and in-plane and smooth ride shocks with the wounded who were evacuated.
They flew in an exemplary manner, and without unnecessary movements of the plane “.

At the end of his remarks, said Lieutenant קרפ”ר that all mission participants feel proud to serve in the IDF, both regular and reserve, and perform special tasks, for citizens of the State of
Israel. “We see these tasks of national mission and we are prepared to handle any event and any destination in the world.”

Translated from Hebrew