Week Meg: the home front command is preparing for worst-case scenarios

צילום: יובל הקר, דובר צה”ל

In the final exercise of apprentice-מ”פים course the emphasis on cooperation with civilian rescue forces. Magma Commander: “the aim is to improve the safeguards system.”

תאריך: 05/12/2012, 16:58    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

מ”פים-class apprentice of the HFC practiced yesterday (Tuesday) over contingency forces, exercise, as part of the war” מ”שבוע seal. The course was attended by dozens of reservists of the HFC specializing in medical and rescue in cooperation with civilian officials
Such Israel Police and David. “The combination of civilian elements of the course is designed to create a common language and the HFC’s with them,” explained רמ”ח factors and development control in the company, Colonel speti rmatin. “In addition, the combination creates familiarity of the commanders in charge with the civilian rescue forces,” noted.

Week Meg: the home front command is preparing for worst-case scenarios

During the split the class into three groups of controls, and replaced the commanders of the three regular regiments organic called to participate in exercise: battalions
Rescue and have the Cadet אב”כ Battalion on search and rescue operations in decontamination exercises and scenarios and treating injuries אב”כ attack scenarios. “the exercises were great.”
Colonel speti said, “until now we were going places. Today will exercise
The finale, I swung and I hope he continues this line “.

The course, which is designed to train future leaders of the home front command, lasted four weeks. Unlike מ”פים-courses in other units, the course of the HFC content mostly engaged in extraction, and father, along with content dealing with principles of war and command and control. “The course is part of the State’s overall effort to improve the system that protects, among other things, the creation of the home front command with
Civilian rescue forces, “explained the Rama and added that” I think your command has been successfully stood many tests, and you can see the improvement in performance. “

Translated from Hebrew