Welcome to the family: new submarine “ins rahav” began to Israel

צילום: דובר צה”ל

As with about 50 staff members, today the latest submarine to sail at the end of a month-old join the four operational submarines that already exist today for naval submarines. “Israel’s advantage over an enemy,” said the Wing Commander divers

תאריך: 17/12/2015, 22:00    
מחבר: אוראל אלחדד, זרוע הים

The submarine “ins ritual rahav” Germany towards new shores of Israel held today in the presence of the sea Wing Commander Gen. RAM Rothberg, Commander Colonel 4th submarine flotilla and the Commander of the new submarine Lieutenant Colonel s. “Today the sea wing and citizens of the State of Israel is looking at you with pride and hope for your home safely,” said Aluf RAM Rothberg in his speech.

The boat, with about 50 staff, leaving to sail her move about 3000 miles and will take about a month. At the end she gets and formally join another four operational submarines. The Navy is responsible for a large number of secret operations and large operational achievements in recent years. “Operational initiative, steadfastness, and bad news – characterize your core values, our fighters” submarine flotilla Commander. “You the benefit of the State of Israel over any enemy, near and far, above and below the water and for youth and challenges”.

“Ins” is much the second Dolphin submarine AIP that cumulative Squadron (its predecessor, “crocodile”, the ins last year). The boat includes new systems significantly expanding its capabilities in the areas of attack, defense, range, and throughout the mission. Basically it is a sub is a step up in capabilities of the sea arm. Before leaving to sea, the submarine tests and experiments, and a trained Warrior and unique insights into particularly appropriate.

Translated from Hebrew