In 11 months the death of Ephraim תנ”צ, the greeting was the Memorial Service officers and police officers including Inspector mshterarb
(V) a Memorial was held 11 months for the tragic death of Chief Ephraim scholarship greeting. Alongside
Family and acquaintances, revered the memory of dozens of officers and police officers present and past-and controls
On the road.

According to
The police Chief, Ronnie relations 212: ”
Ten months have passed since that horrible day and still difficult to digest the Gospel book as of Ephraim
From us. Many here who have been working with Ephraim, as Commander, as a colleague, as an interface
And subjected to a remarkable man. Ephraim, a leader, a devoted, hard-working, thorough, contributed
The energy and time at any time and at any time. Unmatched family man. During his short cut
In short, made out of the sense of responsibility and mission a variety of core roles in investigation and intelligence,
Seal imprint on the fight against corruption and of the community and was a role model
The service for the State. “

See officers and officers, policemen and policewomen, serving many years and not afraid to enforce
Law, to be areas of friction, to draw fire “against criminals and anyone who violates the law enforcement interests.
Not afraid to get slurs and criticism aimed at is one-to weaken their motivation to enforce
The law. The cops didn’t shy away, stand tall and continue in this important endeavor. Without sense
Mission, unable to handle it. Without a sense of mission as questions arise: what bothers me
The public? Why should I get myself into these situations? Why pay a personal price so heavy? But we are blessed
Thousands of officers and officers who are not willing to blink. Internal feeling, they’re part of something big.
Is prevention.

Such as Ephraim כ’משפיעים z place themselves ‘ not on their account. Went
Thinking requires modesty and humility. : I’m not affected but I Center a link within
Large system one homepage מ’משרתי. Indeed, no one familiar with Ephraim, who raises about a miracle.
The great humility and modesty, sensitivity of the man.

“The selection
Israel Police server means to live the life of a mission and to achieve the goal, but to experience the alienation and spoons
A favor. Give, give and serve a significant service, but does not depend on the recognition and appreciation. To be
COP means to renounce family life and Naomi to ensure family and Naomi live
Others. Putting the common good before your own good. Give yourself before you ask to receive. Beyond
The physical dangers that officer exposed them we encounter quite a few cases where criminal suspects are trying
To weaken law enforcement fighters and their motivation to fulfil their commitment, including utilizing
The cynical media.

The case of the late Ephraim proves that the brutal ה’שיימינג is life threatening and only son.
Youth. The comparison I made between before bleach Chazal accept many ‘ or ‘ bloodshed ‘ to fruition.
In a chilling manner. Everyone has physical and mental borders and tasked as police pursue it so
We have been doing in recent months. It’s our job to keep you physically and mentally oterino protecting them. Do
All that God us to lessons on all levels, as well as producing healthier public discussion and more.

“The breakup.
Grinding and painful of Ephraim was empowered my deep insight that the police is one of the strong points
In save and protect democracy. We must remind ourselves that the hosen national day.
Of the State of Israel and its ability to function as a democratic country depends first and foremost on the fortifications of the systems
The work, which is one of the main Israel Police, her servants. It is our duty to ensure that no
Would not alone against the attacks and threats. Our backup is not an unconditional. COP run
Contrary to law and procedure – should be treated. However, the perception of some of the media that prefers the offender
Across saddle of law, those who violate the law on who is him, this perception and nepsdat
Contrary to the public interest “.

“We have to make sure there would be a case in which a police officer and lawyer as mission
And does not get to full backup and tangent systems, support and assistance every step of the way, and knowing
Along with enterprise, which is determined to preserve and protect the servants. We’re not afraid to bring up Bush
The public need to address the public unbearable lightness of the virtual keyboards.
The public discourse is not a direct responsibility of the police, as does not include breaking the law,
But the police say the motel her scorn the ethical “.

Dear greeting, no words can comfort for loss of Ephraim and power to dull the pain.
And longing, we hug you in warmth and promise you will never be alone. Personality of Ephraim strengthens
And brings us into one family. Ephraim unfortunately we can’t respond, but his values and his legacy
Professional well assimilated and Lauren think more generations of commanders and officers. May
Blessed memory of Ephraim.

According to
433 blade head is Ronnie ״אפרים scholarship was ritman: actually, that person’s mouth and heart are equal.
A full Commander, who gave his subordinates and backup guide them every step of the way, respected person
He was humble, modest man, and puts his personal interests above his duty as a public servant. Lafi
Scholarship and achievement in enormous rights fighting crime, cleaning up the public service and strengthen public trust.
The rule of law. The Memorial Scholarship like epic written by Sky applied today on lag baomer. The message.
From that day and should resonate in our minds as Rabbi Akiva, and love thy neighbor as thyself. “

According to
The widow Mrs. Ayala a blessing: “brought to filial, of human dignity. To take an example.
In respect of parents and my father and my mother was light tivedl to precious life. Quietly granting del.
And that would be us, needed way and mark. I have a prayer to sit on high to give
Have the power to protect and defend our children the way we create and you accompany me from above and hold
My hands. My love, rest in peace.

His brother Mr. Meyer: “gotta give blessing to police officers and Israel the full backing and support.
Order not afraid to act with determination and perseverance against the law breakers. You and police officers Israel,
We hug and love you. Be safe out there. “

Us greeting: “URI dad always knew how rare man, humble and kind you. I’ve always envied.
Be who you were and what you and every minute with you I tried to absorb as much entries you,
And in the first ‘ love thy neighbor as thyself ‘-because it’s the essence of your personality. During the seven year
The last one I found a wide range of people through their stories heard about who you were and I
To know that you not only a great man, but as far as giant fulfilled a role model not only to me but to others.
Many “.

“You were a fighter. Were the bright in the darkness. Couldn’t get you something
Doesn’t work properly. Let all in exposing the corruption and clean up the streets from crime and that
In order to feel that someone keeps us here and all we can live safely in a quiet life
And calmer. The size of the loss, and the State and the refusal of acceptance and completion.
Dad, I want to tell you that we assure you and pride of your special heritage at any given moment, friends,
Israel, informed of my fitness and family.

Translated from Hebrew