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המפגש בטייסת, בשבוע שעבר. צילום: בן ראם דוד, דובר צה”ל

The “West” marked 25 years of operational activity in a unique encounter between alumni of the Squadron and air crews serving it today

תאריך: 04/06/2012, 13:44    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

In August indicating the Western Squadron, the squadron maritime patrol air force unit, 25 years anniversary. In light of the incident, the squadron held
Last week, heritage day which took some officers meet in years past, for 25 years celebration will take place in August.

As stated, the history of the squadron began in August 1987, when he decided to buy a helicopter for
The Navy, in order to be used for missions such as search and rescue, marine observation and pinpointing targets.
Offshore. The first helicopter squadron was the type Eurocopter HH-65 Dolphin passed from the “sword” Squadron “. The squadron first tasks included participation in sailing vessels-discovery and identification for Navy ships, Navy vessels intended targets over the horizon, anti-submarine warfare, search and rescue, air transport, participating in activities (ongoing security. u.), training air and ground crews of this squadron and maintaining competence and training the teams help in operating the helicopter.

The squadron moved on through several vicissitudes. Two years after its inception decided former Air Force Commander, Gen. avihu Ben-nun to close the pilot and return the helicopters.
For the “sword” Squadron “, there will be a flight within. After closing the “magic touch” Squadron at the base.
Ramat David, decided to reopen the Western Squadron base and move her Dolphin helicopters. In 1997, recording the first squadron AS 565 Panther helicopters-which received the nickname “bat”, and are held to this day.

Some unfortunate and significant in the history of the squadron in the Dolphin helicopter accident in 1996. During a joint practice with two סטי”לים (rocket-ships), Dolphin helicopter crashed several 905 in the Mediterranean Sea, 12 miles off the coast. The crash killed all three crew members: Captain Squadron commander Lieutenant Colonel Ben-Zion (benzi) Baker, the co-pilot, Capt. play Rock and onto patrol officer of the Navy, Captain Abdul socks.
Searches conducted found that Captain’s night game. Four months later, in January 1997, found the body of Lt. Col. Baker. Capt. Melissa’s body was not found until today.

Meanwhile, took part in the squadron’s operational missions, including operation “rain man” in 1989, where he participated in search of terrorists, prevent smuggling weapons through, and participation in the second Lebanon war, killing two fighters squadron in missile ship ins “spear”, and during operation cast lead. Among the former Squadron commander you can see the bottom front command, Brig. Gen. boruch ezagui Tesler, who was ordered in 1996 and 1998. Brig. Gen. Tesler, along with his squadron raised, one at a time, memories of their service period.

“It is very important to a pilot, Squadron activities discussed today and have an operational dialogue, events in the present and in the past,” said squadron leader, Lieutenant Colonel. “The goal is to connect the Forum who commanded the squadron over the years and learn from him,” added the Commander of the squadron.

After that acetlamo jointly participated in the Squadron, along with the air crew and mechanics in airborne creating new Squadron. Each piece has received proper clay courts on the personal letter he wishes to fly, and then joined various units to a new, unified symbol. “Blue,” and wrote the first Squadron, Lt.-Col.
(Res.) Moshe Ararat, faith in people and saving lives in air, sea and land, “wrote one.

Translated from Hebrew