What a nut like soldiers Fort to explore?

מבצר נמרוד. צילום: מתוך ויקיפדיה

IDF website continues to bring these recommendations to get to know the area better than anyone else, IDF fighters, exploring the Chol. And Sgt. jotham of Judah: ‘ Nimrod fortress, and about his exciting Castle

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מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

In the northern Golan Heights, at the foot of Mount Hermon and above the Banias, at an altitude of 800 metres above sea level, lies ‘ Nimrod fortress. In preparation for the upcoming Passover holiday trips and decided: Yotam unit to recommend to travelers. Nimrod fortress or Nimrod on Plexus ‘ name ‘, is an archaeological site
From the medieval period, and the remains of a large fortress which was built over the years by Kurdish and Mamluk armies. In addition, the site is ל58 nut unit, martyrs Memorial
It is only the end of the training the long and intense. In recent years, has a different perspective place for Sgt. jotham of Judah, to recommend.

“Not just chose this site. Beyond being the most beautiful place on Earth, I have many sentiments “, he said. The older brother of Yotam, volunteer, killed in the second Lebanon war while serving as a machine gun separately a unit in combat in Maroun al-RAS, where Cameron suffered only 5 fighters dead and dozens wounded.

“The Nimrod came to first solar plexus at the age of 14, when nadav man finish the track. All the families from his cycle with the Warriors ran 3 miles, when both sides of the road are the bolderim in memory of falling to generations, “recalled Sgt. jotham of Judah in his visit. Now, seven years after his brother was killed for being ‘ Nimrod ‘ Plexus is a symbol for design Hall. Boulder addition in memory of his brother nadav
Stationed there now, and every few months, dozens of new warriors finish the course instead, just like his brother as being consumed with desire, and motivation for service on the unit.

“But before the Memorial of unit is Citadel Qal’at Nimrod, named after the biblical hero Nimrod. Explains Sgt. jotham of Judah.
“Nimrod Castle built the Fort in the late 12th century 20th, the Crusaders dominated the city of Baniyas. The general shape of an elongated and narrow, depending on the branch it is built and is surrounded by stone walls, throughout which the victim shrine towers “.

What a nut like soldiers Fort to explore?

Nadav, orphan’s brother. Photo: private album

The fortress may be familiar to some visitors because of its similarity to Fort Beaufort
The most famous held in Lebanon, since other IDF fortresses were built on the same system.
Due to the similarity photographed that Beaufort ‘ website. “I invite you to explore the historical and heritage not only of our country but of the IDF and those who fought for years to protect it and the northern border of the country,” says Sgt. jotham of Judah.

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The itinerary
Nimrod fortress tour begins at the gate of the fortress, where a magnificent remnant of goes down. As soon as a reference you can see large lintel dimensions, he engraved large address number on the Fort by baibars in 1275 ad. Below you can see a stone
Instead, her freedom Cheetah, the symbol of baibars.

From this point the track continues along the guard towers and the castle’s water uphill, until the courage (dawn June) of the fortress. The tower is raised in relation to the rest of the fortress and dominates all parts and doors. The ashara
This is because part of the castle was the home of the person instance instead. This assumption is based on the remains of luxurious halls, swimming pools and many rooms which were found in the tower. Then go along the North wall of Nimrod fortress back to the gate.

The port of Nimrod fortress through secret passage built of huge blocks, when the fortress through it well hidden from those who observe it.

What a nut like soldiers Fort to explore?

Nimrod fortress. Photo: Wikipedia

How does one get there?
Traveling on Highway 99 north of Kiryat Shmona East (fortresses junction). At Sion continue with Highway 99 toward Kibbutz Snir. Continue on Highway 99, walk past the entrance to the Banias, until arriving to turn left onto Highway 989 leading towards Neve Ativ after 4 km turn left to have a National Park Nimrod fortress.

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