What brought the warriors to storm ahead of the life-threatening friend?

It claimed the school headquarters naval leadership, Lieutenant Colonel Marina. She said the main challenge for leadership in combat is developing capable and prepared for battle commanders

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מחבר: דניאלה בוקור, אתר צה”ל

“Leadership is the ability of a person or group of people to lead others toward a common goal”, says Wikipedia. Throughout history many personalities who have risen to carry small groups are sometimes great and sometimes, towards
Changing. Numerous studies looking for making diamond the leader to discriminate against gay marriage affects, but it sometimes seems that every leader in character history is individual in its own right: smart, ruthless, clever, modest, extravagant, poor, rich, charismatic, courageous, cowardly, timid. These features are built, but no vote
On his leadership.

A small Panel on Leadership Institute “head” in Jerusalem, which included teachers and school principals, wanted yesterday (Wednesday) the strange people headquarters (leadership development) Lieutenant Colonel Marina Shamir about “leadership in an age of complexity. Lieutenant Colonel Shamir territory before the present the challenges of the modern martial composed of recent years,
And tells little about how the military leader of tomorrow. “The IDF is an army of the people, just as the nation’s education system,” noted Commander in common among strange people the room, “so I see a connection between the work done here even in Israel.

School leadership development, headed by Lieutenant Colonel Shamir stands is IDF only — with the exception of a similar school that runs air force unique domain. The strange people specializes in leadership and military knowledge and is also responsible for writing the IDF’s professional literature on the subject. Military context, explained Lieutenant Colonel Shamir, he makes military leadership especially challenging to create military leader note about exclusive accents. “Our expertise in teamwork, group processes, sampling a strange people headquarters.” we must deal with the question of what happens in group dynamics “?

The war became asymmetrically

The school may open for commanders in the lesser works, such as מ”כים and not over, but it’s a strange people. lectures for leadership development
In all branches and at all levels, whether the officers or IDF officials because of the uniqueness of the strange people he used information source for arms, and in recent years began to develop leadership also in the HFC. “This stems from the realisation of how they see the next wars”, emphasized Lieutenant Colonel Shamir, “there is increasing blurring between the front and rear, so we understand the need to develop leadership in the rear too.

Asymmetrical war between armies has become in recent years not asymmetrically, which stems from an attempt to rival systems to neutralize or minimize the relative advantages, the traditional and well known of the IDF, “added Lieutenant Colonel Shamir,” even if you win, the State may still to be photographed next to a child and it seems disproportionately. It’s not an army and army across the country. The enemy also implements new tactics: Miss and hiding, threatening civilian home front, surface-to-surface missiles and unconventional weapons.

Later in the deposition in the strange people master the challenges facing young commanders. “Of course, there is globalization, and the involvement of civil society,” Lieutenant Colonel Shamir as specified. “The nature of the changes, there is confusion among the enemy when the enemy army as a civilian.
The development of technology and the information revolution, the press and media on the battlefield and many more are just some of the obstacles of 2000s.

Strange people in headquarters went in importance of social and economic movements in shaping the leaders and influence necessary to operations, military commanders, saying that Israeli society has been less flag waving proudly Israeli militant ethos. “Allow
To see the demonstrations at Qalandiya. It’s less consensus. Even the IDF code of ethics stands in question. The company today is less a recruit and more critically. She’s not sure the solution would come by the army, Lieutenant Colonel Shamir.

How to charge against the human instinct?

Also the economic aspect affects the leadership. “in recent years has more edges and gaps in the market but also foretold Israel Defense Forces Lieutenant Colonel Shamir. “No
I once encountered soldiers wishing to stay at the base on Saturday that they have nothing to eat there.

Strange people in headquarters has made it clear that being a military leader is to motivate people to act in a way which violates the human instinct, right into the arms of war. “The military organization is hierarchical, but unlike others he also gives a command virtually impossible,” noted Lieutenant Colonel Shamir. “There are places to educate people to act and let faith in Chief. How to get to a situation where more than 99% of people do beyond belief and a charge against human instinct? In studies conducted, found Lieutenant Colonel Shamir was embodied. “Today no longer speak of a sense of mission.
That drives the action. The link with your friends and the only pride is what causes soldiers to leap

The nature of today’s recruits are very variable compared to the past. “We see parents
Many people are afraid to take authority and became friends with their children, “said Lieutenant Colonel Shamir,” suddenly these youngsters get to boot camp, and they scratch it.
After all these years suddenly have cultivated them de personalization. The most dangerous military mission becomes “. However, Lieutenant Colonel Shamir stressed that young people aged 18 are becoming important knowledge repositories: “no longer is smart and is often age at last’s. Sometimes there’s much more to say and offer. Young people understand better and network places learned to speak with young head “.

To develop among commanders and an integral approach to broad

Now speaking of the leadership and the leader and his movement, “noted Lieutenant Colonel Shamir. “Leadership is a complex phenomenon. You must affect not only down, but also to the side and up the stairs. The name of the game today. Challenge
The leadership change. I also believe that leadership can be developed, and also depends on the motivation and ability to learn. This process, which occurs all the time, but happens mostly by an encounter with authority figures, which are the most significant factor and personal example.

In recent years, particularly after the second Lebanon war, the army realized the connection is broken between control and breath subordinate astray. “The leadership is interesting when you touch the mifgashim interaction. Recently developed two-way literature. Military concepts make sense that only top-down effect which is very wrong. The edah is what matters. New literature becomes wider and deeper, “added Lieutenant Colonel Shamir.

“It is very important to develop the vision for the military leaders but also broad sectors and an integral approach to” the strange people in headquarters. “we measured by commanding the institutional impact of our encounters. A spokesman for the IDF in innovative thinking. Sometimes investing in every detail will not yield the effective period. It is important to work simultaneously-it’s okay to do in-depth therapy but it is important to see the whole. Maybe it’s a constraint exists for military
Huge quantity of servants, and maybe understand this is the way to go.

Lieutenant Colonel Shamir signed her in ways to develop leadership. “It should be give them knowledge. Not everything can be learned through the legs and with skill. Also need to look back at what made “Grey’s Anatomy” despite the constant desire of man to recreate itself. Knowledge is not only the key to leadership development, should go on “anthropological.

In addition, Lieutenant Colonel Shamir, important to develop awareness of the commanders themselves. “I knew
What are the strengths and weaknesses, “she explained. “It sounds bizarre to Commander asks his subordinates ‘ what I do ‘, it’s uncomfortable. Furthermore, it is important to develop a sense of who the self belief in the ability to perform and of course the skill “. But above all, emphasized Lt.-Col.
Dill, it is important to understand the role: “they must understand the balances and the brakes. Them build coherent and clear role perception “.

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