What contains the pilot survival kit?

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This month forced pilots to bail out over the ocean. The beast make contacts
Air staff also abandonment scenario above hostile territory, and these hunters a special kit with like marine knives

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Abandoning ship in hostile or unfamiliar territory is a scenario all air crew member preparing him, another pilot training. In order to give the crews the ability to handle in the field to be extracted, they are equipped with advanced survival measures, some of which are strapped to their bodies and some survival kit.

The air force equip his commandments in the survival kit that will help in any situation they may encounter: compass, food dishes, gun-Fireworks to mark a location, matches, water resistant and more. In addition equipped teams with knives: a simple razor to knife, made to serve them for cutting the parachute belts and the ejector, felling trees and bushes,
Excavation, opening boxes, hunting and self-defense if necessary. “The team” knives mythological, German-made and used by naval pilots for over 40 years, the knives that are in use today.

What contains the pilot survival kit?

To give the crews the ability to handle up to rescue, they are equipped with the advanced survival. Photo: air force

Floyd Saar has some other survival-than those of the rest of the aircraft. Due to higher odds for rescue at sea, helicopters rescue system: lifeboat survival kit doll and also a special knife with ABC, which will float above the surface and prevents the loss.

In the pilot course trainees for a week, where they acquire their own survival techniques and countermeasures that will serve them in the event of abandonment in enemy territory. In this occurrence, the crew did not depend on his shoulders: the IAF operates regular procedure to locate pilot ditching including searching through various means.

The month had two crew members to abandon the high seas after engine ה”סופה aircraft that flew off. The pilots something at sea for about an hour until rescued by air force helicopters and troops of 669.

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