What do you do when your tank is stuck?

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First incorporated into מ”פים-class logistics exercise attended by armored forces, and a goal of exercise: clarifying the importance of logistics and maintaining functional continuity in the battlefield.

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מחבר: אלעד לביא, אט”ל

מ”פים-class apprentice participated last week in the exercise, which was able to pass them the importance of logistical operations in the field.
The battalion of Regiment 401 did in the armored Corps faced a situation where the food supply is gone, many of the staff are injured, “part of its armored vehicles suffered from glitches and
The install was not enough fuel to continue the battle. These conditions required commanders to bring the nomination forward.

This is the second exercise of several exercises, which are carried out within the framework of a company and Regiment commanders controls. The course, carried out using dry wing headquarters
Your device from the following will Mag on the IDF fighter from the seminar exercises, operational officers learn how to command the troops in battle.

The current exercise was held for the first time a logistics exercise within the course. The exercise was attended by armor brigades, combat engineering Brigade Battalion No. חו”ד from the company, ” Shaham and the Division’s reconnaissance company. those seemed fine Regiment’s strength after fighting with a large service gaps and responsible commanders to return to eligibility before the next campaign. Power was restored during sleep, not to participate in a live ammunition exercise then. “The dependency of fighting is a logistics Act does happen in combat, and it is important that you understand that” commanders, said the logistics officer of the Division designed the iron trail, major alarika. “The current exercise gives motivation
Soldiers to return as quickly as possible the splint to the task, “added Maj. Ali.

The students learned how the troops logistics, ordnance, adjutant and medical help them in combat and how h & s helps preserve the continuity of the regiment.
During the exercise the trainees have to “refill” – replenishment, the battalion conducted an inventory based on about h & s and vans inventory reached mossek. They also ran over the repair only. “It’s important for me to learn the role logistics commanders in combat,” explained report 401, Colonel einav. Power is power hour with various types of equipment. It is important that they know how to handle all the gaps created during combat. Not only with tank failure – but also in the actual vehicle and personnel shortages created.

מ”פים-course took place in parallel to the headquarters company carried out the instruction of the logistics Corps. The exercise was a common practice of apprentice both courses. So the bsdert apprentice course equivalent headquarters company can practice with the Cadet class that gets the closest scenario it encounters in the regiment. “As the only faults, the injured and the homeless have in stock are currently challenging the company’s headquarters, headquarters company practitioner testified, Captain of ahiel,” a bystander who was killed during that ultimately the Center logistical situation and Meg decide is it enough to keep fighting and do the job. ” The company command post to analyze inventory amounts, and casualties are expected
The amendment in light of the scene and assess the condition of the regiment. According to these data, will have to give an account to the practitioner.

Against all expectations, and the fighting spirit and co-operation among all the officers all done managed to recover in less than two hours – right back forces to incompetence. Then, students exercise forces ammunition.

Translated from Hebrew