What happens now: 40% students from course-גל”צ

“קולה של אמא”, גלי צה”ל

Perceived military station כ”תל” Spring trend: 40% of applicants for the class of journalists came from 25% and 60% of women religious

תאריך: 11/07/2013, 11:24    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

IDF waves station markers change — 40 percent of all applicants to the journalists came from peripheral, 25% of them wearing a Kippah from national religious background and the female representation stands at 60%. “When trying to position a year ago I started to work in order for determination the young journalists to come to IDF waves from training as many layers of the population in Israel,” Chief of station, Yaron Dekel, a document circulated in the military network.

Within one year the wave to increase the number of soldiers who come from different backgrounds, and the station is going to stick with this trend. “I will continue to lead this trend and challenge the system so that data will also in the coming years,” noted in its.
According to internal guidance, which came from the Chief Education Officer and the personnel Department were asked to locate waves of suitable candidates to increase the diversity of the populations.

What happens now: 40% students from course-גל”צ

Meanwhile, the GAL were a success, which reached soldiers living near the station. “The lack of accommodations was one of the barriers that prevented non-soldiers from reaching a service station, and thankfully we were able to arrange it for new soldiers,” Yaron Dekel.

In addition, the IDF took on integration of a growing number of graduates, the class of the device the Ethiopian quality and meaningful service in the IDF.
Today this course recruits from abroad base of oak, and IDF waves shrine nine soldiers already in course graduates – including media positions and other key roles.

Translated from Hebrew