What is the support center for victims in sexual

The Center, which was inaugurated this year, allows to aid soldiers and airmen that were hit by violence, or unplanned pregnancy

תאריך: 10/02/2013, 14:06    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

A significant part of the squadron campaign launched today (Sunday) for uploading
Awareness against sexual assault, is what the Centre, launched this year, is coping and support center which allows assistance to men and women who are hurt by sex, violence or unplanned pregnancy.

What gave an initial response to the number of units and is expected to handle a month fully all the soldiers and soldiering on. bonus-General Wiesel noted that “the Center provides
Including accompaniment, support and assistance to troops and troops, in order to improve
The treatment process and the overall treatment center and pay a soldier or the soldier who experience a crisis event. Edit Center to address also the soldier or trooper who went through a crisis before their enrollment, and if the crisis during the service, military or civilian circumstances.
The answer is given in the form of aid and support integrative, emotional care given by side team and treatment. The Center is done discreetly, without reference. In addition, the treatment does not depend on any complaint with relation to the patient’s condition.

The Center symbolizes the progress and development of the treatment and assistance of men and women in crisis situations, with new powers. One of these powers is reportable to what is on every occasion of sexual trauma. With the opening of the Center recommended that Israeli commanders “to update the maids and servants in IDF units to establish and encourage contacting him.”

Translated from Hebrew