What it means to be Israeli?

צילום: שי וגנר וארכיון דובר צה”ל

For the Bedouin battalion, Geddes consisting mostly of minorities who have chosen to volunteer army as fighters in Gaza, this question has received changes effect the first Israeli campaign in the history of the Regiment

תאריך: 16/12/2012, 11:05    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

The desert patrol battalion was in the midst of the Muskie coaching operation “pillar”. The battalion managed to work out in drills, the scopes and advanced classes, exercises
When the pop-up to cut. Last week, the Israel trip for the first time.
The feeling that comes from commanders is that the journey was planned in advance, the timing couldn’t be better: after the fighters to defend their homeland, they set out on a journey to understand
What they are actually fighting.

During the voyage, visited the fighters in Masada, volunteered in the community, explore in Israel, Yad Vashem and at Mount Herzl. For most, this is the first time these places visited.

“Connecting people to land after taking part in operation important battalion ‘ pillar ‘ gave them understanding what they were there for operation and why it was important to take part in operation and be
Partners, “explains אג”ם battalion officer, Maj. Sultan, “aiada is also designed to connect
The population of the battalion composed of Bedouins, Christians, Jews and Ethiopians, and create a State of love and gratitude.

What it means to be Israeli?


The Bedouin Commander Col. Geddes, and alhoseel oaachid told the IDF site that the Israeli campaign is something I asked to hold when I got the role. The goal is to meet the soldiers, places and history-get to know the places you protecting it.
Part of the implementation of the mission.

What it means to be Israeli?

When the Battalion soldiers to mount Herzl, it is impossible to miss the purple berets
We fulfill. When the shmsbir manual on non-Jewish soldiers burial on Mt. Herzl, sitting around listening track company soldiers. “It gives the statement that anyone who makes
The country deserves to be buried on Mt. Herzl, like everyone else, “says the Guide.

The fighters agree with no manual. “As Commander wanted to hand my understanding that we are an integral part of the Jewish people fought shoulder to shoulder alongside the Palmach, Commander of battalion platoon, Lieutenant richan @BHI …. “This minority pride go and visit places like the synagogue, and knowing what we’re protecting him,” Commander of another Regiment, platoon Deputy grifat zieve.

Build good soldiers and good citizens

When you visit the members of the first company in Israel, they express
Interest. Who sits where and how elected members of Parliament and what separates the glass where the audience and featured spot. “I want to sit there one day,” says a smiling one.

“Volunteerism of the Bedouin battalion showing motivation many with they
Come and things like this trip is intended to preserve their motivation and give them understanding that the army put them and their education, “says.” we’re trying to give them
Civil tools that will help them both in their private lives as well as shishtharro from the army, “he said.

To the left side of the campaign warring battalions also battalion headquarters troops, most of them Jews.
“Talking to all citizens of the State of Israel, not just to a particular group, which was important to us because of the wide variety of soldiers in the Regiment,” explains Lieutenant Colonel alhoseel. “Makes you think about yourself in relation to society, I see it as a Jew in the largely non-Jewish Regiment, battalion, link share against Sgt. Haim צ’רניים. “I think saying” with army builder builds with very evident on a quest to find the connection of the IDF and the State, “adds communications officer, second lieutenant brigades 4bc.

“It’s pride to contribute to our country and ourselves as ‘ cloud ו’עמוד, echoed those feelings and the desire to protect its citizens and residents of the State of Israel,” says the Commander of a Division in the company, Lieutenant Joseph @BHI ….

“I learned on what I need to give myself to be part of society, contribute to, and participate in democracy in the country, a private company, Ajay sopein. “We want to build Regiment soldiers are good and after the service to be good citizens. It’s an excellent place to prepare soldiers for combat stress, “says Maj.

Translated from Hebrew