What the strongest battalion Golani?

לוחמי גולני. צילום ארכיון: דו”ץ

The Division, which is currently operational in the employment judge decided to examine the best loot rules produce a sniper-to-Medic

תאריך: 17/02/2013, 11:25    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

Beyond the skills and qualifications team, every warrior to Peck him specialize-special departmental responsibility will be. For all his ambitions rookie one dream of “Negev” machine, the other on the role of a medic, while cold plug from fantasizing about the role of a sniper. Professionalising is an integral part of specialized warfare theory and holding.

This week the Golani Brigade Commander decided, Col. Yaniv, to challenge the various regiments and see who is the best פק”ליו booty. To this end, the Division brigades gathered to battle head-to-head, the winner will win the PAC.

Golani Brigade, which is currently at the height of combat employment in the North, decided to set itself the root reinforcement program. The plan includes a thorough training to the individual department level, during which fighters compete and display their specialties.
Hundreds of Golani fighters competed for the title in three days intensive professional demonstration on produce: Sling, a., TU, and sniper, Medic. As well as individual exercises, physical incompetence, and in fighting.

What the strongest battalion Golani?

Golani fighters on the competition. “The PAC is the one who will bring us victory in the war,” said Khan. Photo: דו”ץ

“The fact that you have been chosen to be here to compete on ichotchs anymore,” said Division Chief Warriors, Colonel. “I hope you start to invest on your competition and become even more professional. The key is to get ready for combat.
The pride in PAC is the one who will bring us victory in the war. The big winners were the battalion fighters first popping ‘ article in the category professional, snipers and medics.

Even in 188 reinforce the basics: Meg being sworn in in Kotel

Meanwhile, the 188 of the armored Corps, another division of northern command, decided to instill a little less tactical education officers, the character used exclamation
The Israeli identity, an integral part of the army training as part of the same process to move from the 188, Division officers this week, young and old alike, in the wall. The renewed pledge came at the end of a week in which the standpoint of Israeli history and deft command conflicts facing commanders during combat.

“Getting to IDF uniforms wall is special and exciting. I think it’s symbolic to finish
This process at the Western Wall, “said Capt. NIR company era. “The wall is a trademark. Importance of the pledge is to remind us all that we are fighting and we are fighting. “

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