What you mind: mental health officers became integral units

חייל משוחח עם קב”ן. צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

If in the past the Ministry team was ל”דלת exit” military service, became a mental health officers and to support the soldiers and fighters.

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מחבר: אלעד לביא, אט”ל

Team, which captured the port of כ”דלת the soldiers outside the lines
In time, an integral part of the ongoing activity of the unit. Many soldiers currently in Office d ear for conversation around the military and professional challenges,
Family ties and adapting to social ties.

Deputy Eliyahu Stolin is the mental health officer of the paratroopers brigade.
He is prominent in mental health, characterized by mostly female and because of the fighting, because the serving as a soldier in the Regiment, and is now worried about the mental health of its members and headquarters troops. “Soldiers today are much more aware of the role of the Almighty,” he says, “when they feel they are in a crisis, they sometimes feel that or commanders are insufficient, and choose to contact me. This is great, because they realize they are not alone. “

Lieutenant Stolin experience within academic studies in social work in treating soldiers at 36th in the North, where he realized his place within. “My experience
With nine soldiers who were under my care, and together with the other team of Division our role was to help them. Division I in three years you bring yourself to the skill and professionalism, which has no acceptance in citizenship. The IDF put very strong emphasis on development,
In the end I decided to continue studies in social work in treating soldiers.

Mental health officer does not go through the standard officer training within the army.
It reaches service set directly after graduating, the קא”ב Server (professional academic officer). Only after a few months in service, the Almighty to OCs.
“After I made a number of divisions in the North, went to OCs. As the course is קב”ן non-routine, when you make it almost everyone around 18 or 19 and almost 30 in Lieutenant, you already shamkbilim age rank captain or major.

“When I see a recovering-I”

The role of paratroopers Stolin chassidim asked specifically when he finds common points on issues that combat troops arrive for the meeting – because more than a decade ago, experiencing almost the same experiences. “I use my combat experience as an advantage. It helps me to understand where they’re coming from. I don’t have them explain me what this testing track, or how about the relationship, Commander.
In many situations they feel right so they have someone to talk to, “he says.
New recruits to the Division winners to the explanation of the Almighty says: I’m here, and I’m here to help.

In his capacity of Deputy Stolin sessions with a variety of roles, bachtiba and advise them where necessary – as he prepared to take the necessary extra step. “If I see fit to apply with problems at home should meet with me more than once a week, I’m ready to meet with him even a cup of coffee has its way.
I need coffee, of course. Another part of the Almighty is made against the commanders,?
Magic time when rotating between the Division headquarters troops, he manages and delivers
Where are training emphasis on sensitivity and openness in front of men. “First comes to me.
And considering out of combat, I encourage him not to give up and involves the commanders to support the same soldier.

During the training of learners how to identify signs of distress, and how to make calls in staff training. Sometimes the conduct of Sir can prevent disaster.
“If God forbid, catastrophe happens anywhere in the unit, such as a soldier or commander killed in fighting near, my job is to show how to manage the event without download. If I see the same soldier finished the route, and the unit is recovering and getting up on its feet –
It shows me that I did. ” Mental health officer helping soldiers keep fighting spirit during the, and proves that is an integral part of the medicine and the power of the Warrior.

Translated from Hebrew