“When a test is not only a time of war.”

Contrary to popular belief, saying today in the Division although critical emergency: 162, but the procedure is no less important

תאריך: 28/05/2011, 21:14    
מחבר: תמרה שביט

First meeting of young military doctors took heart month
The country. From small to large group Division of Rule 162 gathered from the North, South and West, to compare notes and tighten connection.

If or innuendoes topicality, contact Lt. Alex ktayb, initiator and ogdati medical officer, set up the medical challenges military element. “Convergent in medicine currently carries the trauma,” he said. “Emergency medicine is becoming critical. But there’s not enough emphasis on routine, and is infinitely important. “

“Everything that happens outside the battlefield: winter coughs, through back pain to cancer patients, soldiers,” he explained. “The ultimate goal is to be in constant readiness for a test, but need to understand not just the war. Far from it. In reality fighting nshsert alive, should know to speed decisions at any time. When the test is performed
For us every day. “

Everyday is not easy, he explains, inter alia because of deficient.
“Everyone in the army run-run-run There are always a million, never have time. So I decided I need to stop. So there’s this day. So we gather everyone one moment and examine where we were wrong and where we work.

A wave of new doctors Division

Do it big and small. The broad trends and analyzing specific cases. Along with symptoms, diagnoses, waves of medical language, pagers and mappings with extensions in Latin, gibberish to sitting room is Dr. degree that, primarily, is the.

First of all, comparing notes. Deploy investigations. They tell stories. Second, examine the achievements and setbacks of the 2010 and 2011 vision. An example of the transition between
The big improvement and problem is the change in personnel.

“A year ago there was great need for regimental doctors,” says ktayb. “Our Division, also in the army. Last November we received sixteen new doctors. All regiments were manned. We found ourselves with a very good doctors with medical knowledge and virtually no military knowledge. Minimal experience in field medicine. However, the reinforcement and the spirit, we have a considerable chance to combine acute combat readiness with ready to everyday challenges.

“The vast majority of medical challenges across borders”

Those physicians and bring with them another phenomenon. The only. About
Therefore not only the efficiency. “As a doctor, Kfir brigades in twelve years ago, I felt lonely, ktayb. “There was so much need to talk, or ear. I didn’t know what the name of the ogdati medical officer. The regimental medical officer saw three times in six months. So sure today you must invest in touch with doctors. It is important to invest in their desire to continue.

Let us not forget that IDF doctors differ from most IDF officers, at least in the age. In the Conference Room of the Division’s last sitting deputies and captains, twenty some level, on the shoulders of twenty experienced much. This role of the kind that professionals studying seven years
At least medicine before starting to think about a regular army.

The other challenge is the dispersion. Organic Division 162 Division is almost entirely. Except for the Jordan Valley has no fixed territory, but regular people. They don’t see each other much and experiencing different experiences. The Division rests in the far North, the Kfir Brigade largely Armored Division, 401 North to slice Gaza, and gunners of 215 deep depressions in practice. Falling mortar shells in the Gaza Strip, Judea and Samaria thrown Molotov cocktails.

Yet, despite everything, has quite a few points of light. When you put the chips on geography
Has a lot of sacrifice. “There are differences,” admits one of the deputies between discussion for discussion, “but the vast majority of medical challenges is out. Always in dealing
With load. Impairments in attention, leading the paramedics, clinics: these exist everywhere. Also lishotis existing difficulties everywhere. The military, after all, is the same human confusion everywhere. It’s a bit gloomy, but above all, it allows us to get smarter.


Translated from Hebrew