When he let Batman clean up our ordnance Corps


The exhibition “otomotor cars” given what the developments of ordnance Corps in vehicle maintenance sector: “we are in the big leagues.”

תאריך: 28/07/2013, 14:39    
מחבר: אלעד לביא, אט”ל

חיל חימוש

With respect to the advanced vehicle of Batman, ה”באטמוביל,” the exhibit drew
The attention of visitors to the international exhibition ‘ otomotor ‘
Ordnance Corps Pavilion. For the first time in 25 years of the international exhibition took place in cooperation with the IDF, which established a huge Pavilion exhibit display in the army ordnance Corps activities, which focused on maintenance vehicles.

The General view of צה”ליים vehicles like the storm, David and the Wolf, they work every day members of the munitions workshops. Instead featured special simulators also help teach a how to find and fix faults in the engines of these vehicles.
Visitors to the booth were especially robots presented at their exhibition of technological college graduates of the ordnance Corps.

One of the robots captured the attention of visitors is a robot who can throw a frisbee, to represent Israel during robotics competition “FIRST international”, which
Ranked second place. “Our winning competition is just an example of the ability of students in the field of robotics,” said one of the teachers program. “Many of them combine then in key positions in the ordnance Corps and responsible for top-secret projects,” revealed the teacher opportunities open up.

Who initiated the idea of integration at the exhibition was the training base for the armament, Colonel Ben harush. Her Commander wrote to the organizers of the exhibition, and asked to present
The IDF’s advanced capabilities in the areas of vehicle and robotics. “We are here in the big leagues,” said Colonel Xu, adding that “the idea of the exhibition is not only what we suggest – but the fact that these handlers and Amal are boys. Referring to the participation in the exhibition, noted that it also has significance in increasing motivation to promote the service.  “The battle is about hearts and minds, the goal of showing
Technological College, graduates are able to do. Participation certainly created an echo of mind, to deeper exposure to IDF operational activity in the vehicle sector, “said Colonel Xu.

The purpose of view ordnance Corps at the exhibition was the first to build up cooperation between the organizers ‘ army buddy who came showed seriousness and pleasantly surprised “, said Mr. Doron Giller, automotor Manager. “I believe the Israeli Embassy later go into increasingly” exhibition, concluded.

Translated from Hebrew