When I grow up to be רמטכ”ל

חניכים בפנימיה צבאית. צילום: דובר צה”ל

Even in the age of Facebook, a military boarding school to prepare Avenue
The IDF’s future so determined, teenagers worked for top officers.

תאריך: 20/04/2012, 14:44    
מחבר: שיר שרלו, ענף תקשורת, דובר צה”ל

Is this what RA (Res.) Gabi Ashkenazi thought to himself at age 15 when he chose to leave, to subscribe to military units, military studies and sign several years set?

Every year thousands of young people, the dream of being part of the military command, the military’s internal ions. In the land of two internal military command running which is intended to be educational institution, promote the implementation of military values and command skills and offers a unique key leadership among teenagers aged 15 to 18 in order to prepare the next generation of command.

The register passing strict and strenuous sorts including enrolling tests interviews and simple space to start a course, which eventually places them at the military command as officers.

The track loose command military boarding school begins in 10th grade and including three years
Learn your matriculation subjects patron during the morning as all Israel, and in the afternoon go into military framework in which become Posse for everything-learn about military history, war tactics, and Israel and of course bring about implementation of training and exercises. While other students in Israel are on holiday vacations, the boarding school experience in navigation activities, urban warfare and other training.

One of the main events during the boarding school is a week of war 11 in Passover week and the area in which the patron experience different exercises from the perspective of command and eventually reach the moment expect the inauguration the army.
And the signature. “Who here choose to itself a way, others do what society expects them to do,” says the Commander of the military command, Lieutenant Colonel Lior real gross. “Everyone is sure they want to sign. They chose the way they sound to her to be commanders of the IDF, “he says.

Upon completion of 12 before the patron, a choice between various fighters divisions in the army, and of course they have a clear advantage in the sorts to military cruisers The Military Academy graduate association with April Rifleman and actually joining up immediately to the Division’s advanced training they select, מ”כים course and after a period of leave for command officers long when they are intended for senior command positions in the end.

Same values to them were educated for three years of boarding school, including leadership, personal example, help the community, commitment and personal responsibility makes the professional officers, better quality all around and they are the ones leading the army today and in recent decades.

These days the military internal command is in progress and recognize motivated internal among subscribers. “Those who want to go far in the armed forces leadership.
In Israel comes here, it’s a great place to start. We are looking for teens with lots of motivation, ambition and desire to get far in life, desire and willingness to work hard and not afraid of challenges, “says Lieutenant Colonel gross.

“The boys are experiencing which is slightly different girls from Facebook and Internet have an Xbox. They experience
Very rich childhood, challenging, great friendly experience at school, there is a sense of deeper diverse actions, faster maturing and everything with the best quality teen having “concludes Lieutenant Colonel gross.

Translated from Hebrew