When shamanon the partisans in the European Parliament

צילום באדיבות הקונגרס היהודי האירופי

Cantor, Lieutenant Colonel Shai Abramson, returned from the Memorial Day ceremony International Holocaust, just to talk about the importance of symbolism

תאריך: 28/01/2012, 18:34    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

On Tuesday (24.1.12), the ceremony marked Holocaust Memorial Day at the European Parliament in Brussels, which was invited as a representative of the State of Israel Cantor, Lieutenant Colonel Shai Abramson. The customer – information and diaspora Minister, Yuli Edelstein. The Conference, which took place close to release date the Auschwitz camp in 27.1.12, in the presence of the President of the new Parliament, Martin Schulz and status President of the European Jewish Congress, which initiated the Conference, Dr. Moshe Kantor.

Chief Military Cantor testified that there was a special status. “The President’s speech Parliament condemned unequivocally the Holocaust. By being a German citizen German Parliament President spoke on behalf of the entire German nation and all the Nations of the European Union “, said Lieutenant Colonel Abramson. “The Conference was attended by ambassadors from many countries is important.
The European Union reminds the horrors there and what happened to the Jewish people, and to condemn such actions in the wind, especially at a time when anti-Semitism is, unfortunately,
Rabbi, “added Lieutenant Colonel Abramson. In a ceremony last year, timed, held in the same building, a Conference of representatives of Hamas. “Such incidents teach why it is so important
To have such ceremony in a place like this and symbolic moment, “said Lieutenant Colonel Abramson.

Cantor, dressed in civilian clothes because the law in the Parliament building in Brussels which forbids military personnel to synagogue, opened the ceremony in El merciful prayer. ”
“Cantor’s prayer part not merciful, all and everywhere, is of importance in terms of religious memorial service inside. Has the importance of Holiness and new, “explained Lieutenant Colonel Abramson. During the ceremony included the current Parliament President, Martin Schulz, President of the Parliament, former Polish descent, ירז’יבוז’ק, President of the European Jewish Congress,
Dr. Moshe Kantor, the information and diaspora Minister, Yuli Edelstein, and Hanna bar-sa, a Holocaust survivor who accompanied military expeditions and many delegations on the subject of Holocaust memory. In the event,
Who said 50 years to the Eichmann trial, the Supreme Court judge who headed the prosecution at that trial, Gabriel Bach.

The ceremony closed with the song “Colonel Abramson partisans”, in Hebrew and part,
In particular, in Yiddish. “The song ends with the line and we walked on more-kufer – and that is the message that has been passed. Partisans song ends with havoc very strong statement that everyone knows. Also in attendance got the message because I understood the words in Yiddish “, said Lieutenant Colonel Abramson.

The ceremony opened with prayer “‘ merciful ‘, Holocaust Survivor tells her story, judge
You touched the story Eichman, and finish with Partizan song as closure – with
Israel alive, breathing and kicking, “explained Lieutenant Colonel Abramson. “We’re here with positive hope for the future, and throughout the ceremony relayed the message of” no more “– no longer a Holocaust”.

Translated from Hebrew