When that inquiry in Birkenau.

Major tzachi Biran, accompanied the delegation Chief Poland, concludes today.
Switch between the first death camps Auschwitz and Birkenau: “the shahazn of voice, the birds flourished and testified about life in the Valley of the shadow of death.”

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מחבר: רס”ן צחי בירן, פולין

Benny Gantz, Chief רא״ל and his tour today (Sunday) night
The Holocaust in Auschwitz and Birkenau camps. The camps in snow and General silence as Chief said during the day can’t bridge the pastoral quiet to horrors that were here.

Forty years after people on settings and so the guard towers and signs are heartbreaking. Entourage walking among members of Auschwitz and listening to explanations, as are other groups msiiirot shmsbib instead. Chief stops for the March and went to hug a bereavement parent identified in another group. Groups of Jews from the diaspora looking proudly at the top of the concrete, including the אכ״א, the champion love arena, the Commander of GoC army headquarters,
Maj. Gen. Guy Tzur and other senior officials. This feeling is also reflected a ש״זה צבאנו״ looks and some even ask politely for a souvenir photo. Icicle hung up suddenly and one
A delegation from mabtachi quickly to face up to any real threat posed.
Continue walking softly.

When that inquiry in Birkenau.

In the afternoon walk in conjunction with the delegation of uniformed ״עדים, ק״פ cycle, in March to Birkenau camp. The delegation, including officers who have already participated in delegations to Poland, find it difficult not to be moved once again for the testimony, it gave us that very
(Anshel that lansky, who changed his last name as being a survivor and testimony). As he stood on a concrete level in the heart of a cottage along the camp told to an audience of officers and NCOs of the unbelievably survival, young only. At the end he gave Ronnie תא״ל
NOMA, head of delegation ק״פ ״עדים mask. Very excited and says: the fact that I am here when this victory around me.

One of the crematoria ruins suggest the delegation chief instructor to increase memory of family members. רא״ל Ganz and his wife also remind family and Chief offers to bereaved families who were invited to join the delegation, mentioning also the memory of loved ones who died. Father of Nathaniel faculty scholarship, Gunners killed at Egypt’s border incident in less than a year ago, and his father Nathaniel, oshishooili, who was killed in the incident in the Gaza Strip in June last year, leading prayers devoted almost spontaneously over the killing.

The tour ends at a ceremony camp throws a ק״פ delegation stressed head of delegation, תא״ל NOMA, the primary mission of dozens of participants, the memory of the Holocaust in their units, in front of their troops. Cantor, סא״ל Shai Abramson, surprising emotion in full רחמים״, “prayer shbaachd musical highs seemed suddenly out of the skeletons of birds-still provide an indication of life in the Valley of the shadow of death, Secretariat sirens blood kapioth. The ceremony ended with Hatikvah and it was hard not to get excited about, especially given the timing and the location where sung the national anthem.

To be a free people in our land-Auschwitz-Birkenau 2013.

Translated from Hebrew