When the second thread is woven in loops of bereavement

In relation to the family lasted 365 days per year, when and more needy families to shoulder support with joining the family no one wants to belong to the family bereavement

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מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

Each cycle in the State of Israel in the public experience once a year. Bayer is reflected by the cloth from the entire state of Israel with the Israel systems and victims of hostilities but for the bereaved families is daily deprivation. Also in some around this axis of bereavement and coping on a regular basis, and they are the biggest casualties in the armies of the world.

Contact branch for families facing the IDF as responsible for formulating the policy relating to the bereaved families, the widows and orphans of the IDF and IDF soldiers are hospitalized.
Beyond policy formulation is also the official authority and to maintain contact with the families.
Bereaved, including the determination of the specific targeted events. This intensive activity with people who lost loved ones, also support requiring support.
“We are the ones responsible for the mental accompaniment of all teaching staff, particularly female victims,” Chief Superintendent about the families of the casualties, Lieutenant Colonel ז’וסלין.

At the entrance to the Memorial, there is a special preparation of the entire industry. “This day puts the issue of bereavement, and naturally a lot of thoughts floods with the families and with the commanders,” she notes. Bereaved families of tzoboth military cemetery on Memorial Day, IDF conduct in recent years an enterprise determines that each space’s standing representative.

She said everyone is clear that Memorial Day is a day which requires special preparation. Any person in, or even beyond, understand the need to juggle tasks to ongoing operational tasks associated with Yom hazikaron Israel.

Keep – and the bereaved families of the bereaved

Coping with bereavement is never constant. During operation “pillar” killed cpl. Joseph Nachman late and reserve Al Deputy Boris iarmolanic, hit by a rocket. Staff Sgt. major Michael mihalovici, commanding warrior in “the sting,” died last March during a marathon. These spaces are joining a long list of fall more than the war of independence. “As far as we’re concerned everyone who was killed during his service is void. There is no difference between the circumstances of the death in terms of accompanying casualties, call it from one end to the other,” explains Lieutenant Colonel.

The work with the family became more shaovden Terry, another seven. The injured officer is the central figure represents the IDF against the family of the bereaved, after seven responsibility
Delivered to her exclusively. “The difficult period is after seven, as the divided family has some kind of chaos. When you disappeared all in the House at the time, they find themselves alone, and they don’t really understand what landed them, “Col. backgammon known image draws her out so many stories.  So begins the realization to sink in, difficult questions and anger and confusion. “If you had to explain several times the same thing, we’re doing this because there are times when there is a lot of confusion and family demands answers.

The goal of the formation is to help the family back into some sort of routine, and any dysfunction. “The officers accompanying the families closely, and are in constant contact. They must visit at least once a month, but in practice it happens even more, says Lieutenant Colonel. The leaders lost their soldiers also carried
By the officers. “Commander who lost a soldier will never be the same command-level commander. Somewhere that gets the personal touch, and like that comes to the door.
– It looks different, “says head about. The Advisory officers for commanders and are accompanied
And Lieutenant under ז’וסלין adds and says that they “save them”.

The difficult moments when lenders need support themselves.

The connection between Memorial Day to independence day seems sensible and for many, but the constant confrontation with other Garnet inspires bereavement closely.
“This case has two sides, the rational and the emotional,” explains head about families
And reveals that before coming to the domain it was clear her ש”אחד should come after another.” With the introduction to the casualties, the perspective has changed. “The difficulty of the shmtachbrim see how hard it is to pass. Every day is Memorial Day for families, but created a general public atmosphere that day – the music in radio and tv programs
To the ceremonies in schools and wear the blue and white – it makes a very sharp transition “, lists Lieutenant Colonel.

Throughout the year the events are pgatis to those coming under the umbrella of bereavement, and the amount of these events over time. “We’re moving families professional workshops, lectures, concerts and other events”, says head about. The encounter
Among the bereaved families leads to mutual understanding no unmatched in any other human interaction. “This is the only place where sitting facing each other people have experienced similar things, not to judge each other,” Lieutenant Colonel stressed. Once a year event was held in Luna Park together hand in hand “, which traditionally comes from the” people hear that Ribbon is coming and waiting for forward nearly impossible to get him out of the Park in alvena hours. It definitely enhances the IDF’s contact with the families, “she says.

Meanwhile, also in relation to families need mental support, from real casualties to the main sections and the officers. The industry training section is responsible for
The subject. We are a support group and individual therapies if necessary,
Although there don’t forget the array where the really big difficulty. We also have groups growth degrees professional dilemmas for learning “, illustrates the connection head. At the same time, all the array rank of Captain and above is a bi-annual certificate path in net (Association for trauma on the basis of nationality), and learn to balance families. Moreover, all the role to industry for classifying personality, examines the suitability to the role.

“The injured area – top priority among elders”

The Department was established as the result of a painful day of Atonement, in which IDF casualties suffered. At that time there was no specific body to centralize and treatment of victims and families. 40 years later, the IDF is elsewhere.
Altogether. “The Yom Kippur war is always open when it comes to the history Department of the IDF were widows and war bereaved parents testify that the victims was local initiatives level”, says Lieutenant Colonel.

Currently occupies IDF escort area families as a profession. “It must be something like that — with guidance and rules very clear. We are becoming more professional, because ultimately the responsibility for this important connection between his army family spaces on our shoulders, “she testified. Even in a time of budget cuts, the injured individual was not injured. “The field of injured senior has priority, and he will always be there in the background,” States Lieutenant Colonel. She has a very important place to the field, out of a sense of responsibility to wounded, bereaved families and spaces. “It’s not”, she strives to emphasize.

IDF service as Chief family relationship is not simple, but Lt. Col. ז’וסלין bash appreciate every moment. “It fills me. Does the role gives the ability to move on, knowing you could do better, “she says. The injured officers and is herself.
See families in the hardest shatan, and help them to pick up the pieces and seal the cracks. “We see families in the lowest place, in a State of crisis. Over the years we accompany them, and when we look back, there’s a gap so big between where they were immediately after the loss and the place they are in now, “she testified, claiming” it gives a lot of optimism. ” The reinforcement of this working relationship
Bi-directional flow, and bereaved families struggle through a significant process, the female side. “A lot of times you families of them thrilled because of their abilities and powers to move on,” she explains.

And what makes you feel good when you look at a family walking along time

“What makes me feel good? When I get to a happy family after a long period I moved with my family. I sit and look out and I see them really happy. It is glad to see that there are parts where they seem to be happy, despite all the difficulties, and it doesn’t mean they forget. “

Translated from Hebrew