When the wheels were burning: interview with the shadow a dangerous terrorist act foiled in Egypt border

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Lieutenant (Ret.) Omri has saved lives, Cobra-shoot
In the milling to terrorists from across the border: “it all happened in seconds, could not miss.”

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מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

פיקוד הדרום

August 2012. A terrorist squad, probably the world, to Israel from the Sinai Peninsula area atop an armored vehicle. The squad kills several soldiers took control of Egypt and a truck and a red type APC (armored vehicle on wheels). The truck was booby-trapped and blown up כ”רכב on the fence, and the stampede continues into Israel territory to harm Israeli citizens and soldiers.

The event
Could end in tragedy, but the forces Gaza Division’s southern division, led by the desert patrol battalion, were able to thwart the event in less than 15 minutes. This collaboration with armor forces battalion “popping” and with the assistance of land and air forces.
A year after the incident, replayed armor officer who received special mention at the event, Lieutenant (Ret.) Tomer Omri the events and feelings since a conversation with IDF site is returned to the fire zones, and that split-second where you made the right decision.

When the wheels were burning: interview with the shadow a dangerous terrorist act foiled in Egypt border

In those days, there were warnings of an attack and there was much tension. At the same time, Lieutenant (Ret.) Omri class served as Commander, and was on his way to perform routine security mission in the Gaza Strip border. “I was far from the case and was” device malfunction,
Remembering Lt. (Ret.)-Omari. “I played with him, and I could hear realized some growing. Immediately I realized it’s not a routine event because I saw a big explosion on the horizon toward the Kerem Shalom crossing, “described the reality Karma shape.
“I started driving toward the blast, and at the same time the connection is back to work. I realized there was an armored vehicle, on which terrorists crossed the border. I started looking for him and all of a sudden I noticed it in my face, “said.

“At the same time what goes in my head that it was a risk.
And I have a very serious decision – if I now fire, “testified Lieutenant (Ret.) Omri on a crucial moment. “At that moment I was unable to contact the commanders couldn’t ask to shoot”, reconstructed and stressed that “Israel space to shoot isn’t trivial.

The event proved the necessity of tank as strong and focused.

He took a decision which failed to identify clearly not an IDF vehicle and noticed that the hail of fire to cars. “It all happened in seconds.
Within little time already released first shell and hit. We were very close and could not miss, “described Lieutenant (Ret.) Omri operational success that prevented the development of a dangerous terrorist event.

After the shooting began, the tank crew Lt. (Ret.) Omri to scan the area and make sure you don’t try to hijack operation. Very careful and scoured the region, “he said. “There was no room for feelings, everything was very professional.
We didn’t understand the significance of the event, we felt it was just part of the job “. Today, the soldiers know their meaning in the same event, later dubbed “wheels.
On fire “. “When I remember this event seem like a distant dream. It doesn’t seem like I was a partner in this great thing, said.

The event itself, with forces infantry forces of the desert patrol battalion and air force troops, but ultimately the power lead to the power of the Bard was. “Everybody tried to shoot him, and shells were what destroyed it,” boasted Vice (Ret.) Omri, no chshadjois was hshibutz to the armored Corps and preferred to go live now!
He doesn’t regret. “It gives great significance to shell and shows how this powerful and essential tool,” said.

After the event received Lieutenant (Ret.) Omri the special mention southern command Chief, Gen. Tal Russo. “When they told me about receiving the shadow thinking how much the parents happy. I’m very excited, it’s a great honor. The parents were very proud of me because I’m the only combat officer in the family, “he concluded.

Translated from Hebrew