White night landing unit of the air force.

צילום: חיל האוויר

יה”ק people are already accustomed to upside down: working days in old day. We joined the small unit training and specific: how to set up an airport overnight?

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מחבר: מיכל ויסברוד, אתר חיל האוויר

A long night waiting for the יה”ק soldiers (the front landing unit), EAS
The Hercules aircraft and land them safely on the ground. After a long drive in the heat and sleepy, they get into the field and memo to fatigue has been deleted over them.
They leave quickly from military vehicle and start unpacking the equipment. Boxes, pegs, sleeping bags, and herds passing from hand to hand at those who have done this dozens of times. A few minutes at the makeshift camp, either space, and now
We can only check flight paths before darkness fell.

Team members pull measuring instruments, split up and begin spreading signs that mark the plane the way Hansel and Gretel version 2011. “Our job is to check and make sure it is safe for the species,” explains corporal Itamar, procurement of
The unit. “Trust us to pilot the space between markup and not allow for
It “. The desert is filled with colorful streamers, fastest יה”ק plant in ground troops in odd formats so just seems built-in. The wind blew, grains and it is hard to believe that a few hours should be landing in this pile of Blue Rhino. Maybe camel.

Until the planes will have more time-flecked, and meanwhile take the trouble and for private Itamar. Dean, that weaponry and training unit, he heard of the kibbutznik in the unit. “This is exactly what I was looking for,” he says, “a small unit with a lot of space. In practice we are going for open areas and prepare the ground for the rhinos. Take to the jungle, accelerators, see if the land is suitable and decide if a plane can travel there. There are good value, cooking, “he says while peeling potatoes. “I’m glad I got here.”

Today, practicing יה”ק construction of an airport in the territory, and takes advantage of the opportunity to train the elephants Squadron” outnumbered. The area is also the only Commander, Maj. Idan,
Used to batting for the other team: only a few weeks ago he left the squadron itself and set unit. Today received a major chance to age some sand and see how looks his squadron. “It’s nice to be on the ground,” he says with a smile and lowered his night vision goggles. “It’s amazing to be here. Right when I saw it was a small unit, family, fun to be with her. Everyone knows everyone and friends
Of everyone. Ultimately, it’s good to be in a place where you have responsibility on my shoulders, and everyone here is feeling it. “

One thousand and one nights

Towards sunset, start low and unit soldier approached to perform his job: team officer, paramedic, or a fireman. Moon round keeping an eye on them over the desert mountains, the onions in the Pan and glowing red lanterns form a long runway. Now just useless Rhino imports.

“Most of our training at night,” says Itamar, “that’s what we do” mode. And without night vision, it is difficult to distinguish the rhinos quartets, arriving here one by one, running on dirt and leave behind a tremendous change. Finally, the practice ends and the last aircraft back to base and sprouts leaves
Into the black sky.

At midnight, as in a fairy tale, the airstrip’s lavish returns to be nothing more than a field. “Thanks for the exercise, the pilot’s voice erupts from the radio. “Really, it was a beautiful and magnificent training. Good night.

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Translated from Hebrew