Who volunteers?

דובר צה”ל

Dozens of volunteers the army last week completed the basic training and look forward with excitement to get to their units • “it wasn’t even a question whether or not to join the army.”

תאריך: 10/03/2008, 21:07    
מחבר: אור קריספיל

Warm, sunny morning injury and wash the Earth, clouds do not forms sky and birds in the tzrifin chirping constantly, almost like the rest of the days. On the lawn in front of the entrance to the dining room, sitting
Attentive and confined soldiers excited. Last week they completed the basic training that they so longed to go and trust them not just for whom another boot camp. For them to serve in the IDF and privilege to wear pride is peerless. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the new volunteers.

Last week, dozens of new volunteers completed boot camp for a week. “Basic content transmitted to soldiers who received a medical exemption and alone in service”, says cpl. Merav shimonov one command post training volunteers. This week they learn about IDF structure, medicine, sport and heritage and concisely the discipline and values in which the army believes “. Meirav, ironically, also volunteered for the army, volunteered to serve as first right in one of the training bases in tzrifin and offered her to take a training course. From there the road to closure for her was simple. “At first I wanted to guide volunteer training, it is not easy to face dozens of soldiers Guide to teach and explain. At first I was able to get away with it but later didn’t leave me much choice, and I’m not sorry about it “, says Satish
A wide smile on her face. “Today my third cycle finishes.

“See me in it.”

“At first, when I got to the recruitment and told me I can’t go mad, mad I was upset not normal, I scratch, I’m nothing,” says the wines y. tirat hacarmel. “I have been a medical. When I was little, I spent 14 surgeries, had intestinal bacterium that ruined the whole system and in addition have tendons
Short legs which makes me limp. Ionization, as at first sight, get motivated which could fill a football stadium. “I had only two operations and combat Corps day, as brother serving in the paratroopers. But things are a bit complicated and yet I’ve decided to give up and wants to join the army like everyone else and make boot camp until the end because there is no such thing as giving up on life. “

And today, when on a uniform, you think you made the right decision?

“Surely, this basic training has given me a lot, enjoyed it and learned from it so much.
That I’m here it’s the fulfillment of a goal I set for myself, I’ve been volunteering pretty long process tedious, lots of letters, phone calls and interviews across the cell. Don’t give up, I wanted to be like everybody else, to contribute to the country.

“On Fridays at the laughed at me quite a few people told me what would be
Are the targets? Plants drink? And I told them they’re going to see me in her 1. A day.
Last Thursday when I got back to school uniforms, my dad was choked with tears and said: ‘ who will eventually succeed and apply with all your medical problems.

You are excited about the continuation of military service?

“I can’t wait for Sunday to arrive to where I go to the server.
I’ve been thinking about leadership, I want to be an officer in the IDF and proof that even a person with disabilities and problems can go far. I’m going to be an officer.

For the first time in boot camp צה”לית: practice singing the anthem in sign language.

Probably not!

A few hours before the inauguration of volunteer soldiers enough to learn another lesson on first aid for the test that awaits them immediately afterwards. One of the demos seeks Chief of several soldiers for sitting on the other side of the lawn to see more first aid exercise, “log”, which she performed on one of the poor. One of
Soldiering is trying to get up off the floor and after no small effort and help from one of the soldiers to go with crutches to across the grass.

This is Ulla teaches Petach Tikva, with cerebral palsy motivated her to move the lower extremities. “When I was born didn’t show enough oxygen to the brain, and that’s what really made me feel controlling and Yes I used crutches,” she says. “But that doesn’t stop me from dealing in sports. I’m an athlete from an early age, I was on the swim team of Israel and participated in Championships, riding horses since I was 12 and in general I’m a very active person. All my life I have learned in the study is completely regular, normal, middle school normal and probably the rest of it was normal service in the Israel Defense Forces.

“It wasn’t even a question whether to enlist in the army or not,” says. “It was obvious, there’s no reason I can’t join the army and contribute like everybody else.
Today, in our country there is no problem so the Dodgers so if I want to volunteer
Why didn’t you tell me? “

The voluntary process of OLA was relatively short. “I came first order knowing not drafted. I ended up taking the exemption certificate, and from there straight to the volunteers moved to decide if I’m qualified to volunteer or not, who sent letters and faxes, phones, picked up the interviews in all sorts of bases in the country until I found where I could serve.
And to contribute in the best possible way. “

Ula will serve on the base closed in the South of the country and says she’s not afraid so unknown.
“It will be hard in the beginning, I know it, but there will always be legitimate for people to help me if I have as I learned to climb the stairs in my house like this I’m going to get my own stairs at the base.

Volunteer army means not to give yourself

“Just like that, I could continue my life as they were until now. But I
Living in the State of Israel, every other country wouldn’t do it and volunteer for the army, but the army contribution is no small part of the culture and the life of our country. The situation today
Why not enlist anyone who could enlist. I also understand that not everyone fits the military framework but I don’t see those deadbeats and in addition also not doing national service. I don’t think the deadbeat can look me in the eye. And certainly not to call me sucker because I probably don’t sucker. If I decided to do something I don’t have to do it not because I’m a sucker for doing something I really want and that’s to serve in the IDF
And to contribute to the country.


Translated from Hebrew