Who will save the birds on the ground?

ראש אגף הטכנולוגיה והלוגיסטיקה בטקס. צילום: יובל עוזרי, אט”ל

Project “natural defense forces today launched eight new environmental projects led by IDF commanders, including installing nesting boxes Carrière, saving the birds are endangered in many archaeological site and Temple mound

תאריך: 26/03/2015, 21:28    
מחבר: נדב זק, אט”ל


Eight environmental projects has been launched today as part of the Army Defense project
Nature “Environmental Protection Manager. The projects completion in a special seminar headed by technological and Logistics Directorate, Gen. Kobi Barak and attended by representatives of the nature
Parks, the society for the protection of nature and environmental protection administration. “The IDF’s mission is to protect the State of Israel and its people against the enemy, but also to protect its resources and landscapes of the country,” said the champion. “Environmental projects presented to the Committee a year teaching of initiative and creativity and contribute to raising the awareness of saving environmental protection in Israel, concluded.

Project “natural defense forces” available property controls to apply to the Director of environmental protection in the butt with proposals for projects aimed at fostering environmental and nature sites Among the selected projects for the coming year: the birds population bases area college base by soldiers sharing in detecting potential nesting sites and installing nesting boxes in dedicated buildings.

More about birds: School of tothanot soldiers field (Beta) help save the birds quiet population that is endangered. They do this by creating a fresh water source near the base, in order to increase the nesting areas. In addition, division commanders and soldiers have recovered 91 archaeological site kedesh, they build a bird to watch over the temple Valley, install on site signs with ecological explanations etc.

“In addition to ecological messages, we’re trying to instill educational messages in soldiers,” said the IDF website אט”ל רמ”ט, Brig. Gen. Nehemia Sokal. “We try some
More soldiers will be involved and invest their time in projects promoting entrepreneurship
The commanders. We urge all commanders and soldiers to take responsibility for their environment.

Translated from Hebrew