Who’s the best fighter in the Division?

Although the London Olympics has been signed recently, but the paratroopers contest has just begun. Synchronized swimming wasn’t here, but mortars, machine guns and rockets Lowe
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תאריך: 03/10/2012, 13:18    
מחבר: פלורית שויחט, אתר צה”ל

Just before the start of Sukkot, gathered the best warriors of the paratroopers brigade, financed the weapons and tested once and for all who the best fighter in the Division? The competition was held for the second time in divisional training pseudocerastes
“The Olympics” professions, as part of a new tradition in the breed, Brigade Commander Colonel Amir Baram. The excellence and the winner will be announced in the coming months.

The professions they tested the fighters included mag, mortar, machine gun, sniper, sniper 60 24M
0.338, medics, steer, point 6, and Launcher. The purpose of the Olympics is to strengthen a military now examine for cause in various military and professional knowledge
Of warriors. But the practical part of the competition were also theoretical tests and paratroopers
Edit the tournaments even at night, the Division trained to operate.

“Whoever wins gets a lot of respect and pride, company and Regiment,” said the Commander of a paratrooper, Lt. Col. Guy Berger “The Olympics can strengthen any living Warrior professions and to prepare the paratroopers brigade in the best possible manner to challenges. We
Try the combatants depicting the closest to reality, and we are satisfied with the results, “explained.

The Division’s brigades 890, 101, 202, and Geddes, not started by any means and choose the best of the best to get the honor. “Every battalion sent good warriors
In any profession, and troops carried out many weeks of practice in the various professions “, Lieutenant Colonel Berger to race. In previous Olympics, held six months ago, the warriors have Geddes and Battalion 101.

Translated from Hebrew