Why hygiene?

מפקדות הקורס, סמל טליה כהן וסמל ריטל בינייב, עם חניכי הקורס. צילום: אט”ל

In the coming year mean medical corps to expand several preventive medicine ragheads alone. wearing new preventative medicine summarize course and prove – the best treatment is prevention

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מחבר: אלעד לביא, אט”ל

Medical Corps intends to expand the number of preventive medicine are numbered in IDF units: This determines the medical corps to light the end of the first period of wearing course of preventive medicine for 2013. Wearing new preventative medicine summarize course and prove – the best treatment is prevention.

“We call them ‘ little ambassadors of it”, says Sergeant 9558, one command post. Upon completion of this course will return each unit ashgrirs with even more responsibility than that laid on their shoulders when tzrifin Base training for the first time. To treatment when necessary, he swore the oath “Medic”,
Adds a new aspect – before therapy necessary. Now they are also responsible to cause soldiers to save
On personal hygiene; To minimize disruption from Cleveland, of epidemics and to encourage reduced use of tobacco products or in short: preventive medicine.

Wearing course of preventive medicine (רמו”ן) students who learn to use the tools didn’t think to use them to convey the message: tools like proper diction and gestures. The course they are tested not only the understanding of the material, but also on the ability
To explain it to someone else. When they get back to their units they will organize lectures and seminars, and will tell them how to avoid heat blows, what drugs can cause the systems in the human body. “We explained to the students that the disease is the greatest, and their job is to prevent it,” adds the command.

The audition stage

The first course in preventive medicine opens in it in 2006 as an initiative of the health industry in army medical officer. His goal was to promote a lifestyle
And instilling healthy habits by paramedics who developed especially for advice on these issues. Today’s seminar is conducted four times a year and is packed.
Not everyone can reach the course-I think the motto etched because only the best bachovshim: those who can also learn and teach. “They took me to audition for”, says corporal Daniel Simon, wearing a prison six. “I had to show I could speak in front of people. At first we told stories about ourselves and the family, as the goal is to fascinate the audience with stories. “

Some paramedics, experimented for the first time in a speech in front of an audience, opening a vein is a small matter compared with the class of 30 students. To this end, teaching them during the course of public speaking: speaking fluently, use hand gestures and illustration. With a long cultivation are abandoning stories about dad and mom, and begin to prepare entries and lectures on topics such as infectious diseases and the importance of preventive measures.
“We’re getting a look at a few minutes before we were called to perform simulation”, cpl. Medic is elberg hatm, nadav. “Within 10 minutes you have to reset yourself, memorizing the array class and display it in a most interesting way.
At the beginning it was not easy, but the command post worked a lot on improving our capabilities. “

Back to school

The medics, simulating, select the topic that intrigued them.
Their goal is to move the material in a way that best illustrates the importance of the subject – but also leave the audience attentive and hungry for more. So you can see one of the paramedics, who chose to lecture on melanoma, the relatively dry topic “using different sessions. Others produced quizzes, games and varied explanations to add some “spice” to class.

Within a few weeks to make the control stages – such as was occupy successful within a few moments. But the real test awaits at shahanichim, taken at the end of the course to test your newly acquired skills – comprehensive school in eighth. “We had to lecture you in school was very challenging,” says Arlberg. “Used to convey a lesson in front of the other students, make it a lesson in front of a bunch of kids is a whole other thing.”

Fighting germs

Corporal Eli Isakov, a medic in the battalion in the regiment eshet, said that already during operation ‘ pillar ‘, before coming to class, he learned the importance of preventive medicine.
“One got roles in preparation for the operation was to check that there are no bacteria in water tanks btankim. We didn’t know how long it takes to be in the field. If there was bacteria in the water as they stick, and whoever Knight admire the tanks. At the same time I did it because I was asked, but only after the course I realized really great benefit of what I did. “

As they stand on the orders of the medical professions, the paramedics wearing course of preventive medicine from intense month agreements. Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Dr. corn cousin Colonel praised paramedics and wished them “grant professional service
Quality of the highest standards “, as the course is over, but the work has just begun: they urged lectures on influenza preparedness workshops on winter and advised to rehab.
Smoking — a fraction of what will be required of the מ”השגרירים”.

Translated from Hebrew