Why I joined because I can.

Rotem Linnik, Caracal, anti-terrorist think of when you see her with guns at the bus – and she’s proud of it. Soldiers write property

תאריך: 30/05/2012, 17:55    
מחבר: רותם ליניק

My name is Rotem Linnik I’m 20 years old and living in mazkeret Batya. After ב”נוער service hanoar haoved vehalomed, joined with my core to Noah I originally Caracal, a warrior is currently מ”כים course bisalm infantry near Yeruham.

Sometimes I wonder if outsiders realize. The week went under the advanced space training course ended in “command” agreement 36 hours of navigation, tasks and exercises, commanding a lot of sore feet, knees, teeth Squeak and tuna on the pants, and no sleep at all.

Who was watching before concluding, was probably twisting his nose and see why empty corn can a bottle (it saves the weight of the water in the can) and how pushing and Oreos with the cartridges in the West (of walk hard moments have operational). And why go through a grueling course of six months to be a fighter and then another four months course to be Commander when you can do the job “of
Girls “.

Sometimes the statements of outsiders is diminishing. Some people are looking for a girl with guns at the bus and head for filters stigmatised? Hear their friends daughter articles to be a warrior and you say “why would she do that to herself? ‘, read the column and eventually asked” Okay, she does want to quiz! “

There are many questions of “why you do that?” So anyone who asks-because I can Because
Girls can give themselves just like sons and I and my friends are the best women I.. This way I also explain to my soldiers and airmen when I’m Commander and I believe. Girls who are to take part in protecting
The country, which is probably larger than my sleeping hours, have a distaste among dishes, or want to put perfume and sometimes earrings and sitting in an air-conditioned Office. This role must have made all the simpler, much larger than that.
It’s not magic law I tell myself in difficult moments, that’s just the truth.

Translated from Hebrew