Will a course dedicated to reserve service in the IDF

אחות צבאית. צילום אילוסטרציה: אט”ל

This is due to the severe shortage of nurses in Israel. Army nurses at various clinics in the neck and in the field.

תאריך: 08/04/2012, 17:37    
מחבר: אלעד לביא, אט”ל

The army nurses will this year dedicated reserve prospective route to enlist and serve as army nurses nurses at various clinics throughout the IDF, both in space and in rear positions. Some of them also to senior positions
Medical Corps command post, regional clinics. Today, even the preparation of hospitals and emergency community in the HFC is based largely on military nurses, when some went to help the wounded in Haiti to delegations, Japan and Turkey.

In recent years there is a severe shortage of nurses in the country, pledging to begin to lack even the IDF Medical Corps decided to take matters into his own hands: in October of this year opened the first dedicated course for registered nurses “academic Summit track. Each class will learn about 30 students and the route will be three years, unlike the civil track length is 4 years.

Similar to the “top” of the military reserve, also the Summit will take place at the University, and it will be military content: during the track will teach the students, in addition to the required courses as combatants, medical epidemiology, occupational fitness and more. At the end of the track participants BA in nursing and certification as a brother or sister, and integrate with OCs After completing the course, they will begin their service as officers in various clinics.

During their service in the IDF to allow brothers and sisters keep fitness, using space and activity in civil hospitals. Seeking an internship can get out of the basic courses on various topics. “The shortage of nurses for many reasons, but it is the younger generation don’t know enough and diversified profession to deal with him,” explained an array אומ”ץ command (military nurses), major Rachel Alex. “Overall nursing service, and learning it makes life with professionals in high demand worldwide. The assistance of the international force have increased awareness of the service, but we hope that will track a large number of applicants, and thus shorten the shortage, “she says.

In order to raise awareness for the new route, open the array in a marketing campaign. Brothers and sisters formation at high schools, medical trends and Magen David Adom stations, to reveal the subject of the face.

Translated from Hebrew