Wing Commander active defense: made from an array of technical and strategic

סוללת “כיפת ברזל”. צילום: חיל האוויר

Colonel Zvika haimovitch addressed at international fire for changes on the main air defense array since its founding: “we’re dealing with a world of growing threats grows”

תאריך: 24/05/2012, 13:44    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

A year and a half after the transformation of the air defense of the f
(Anti-aircraft), Wing Commander Colonel proactive defense, Zvika haimovitch, major changes across the array and what the future holds.

In remarks at a Conference of the international fire taking place this week, “said Colonel Haimovitz” when we went through exactly noted for three years during the second Lebanon war, and the need to develop new weapons systems and fit new operational concepts, organizational and professional development systems. We realized that when we need to grab the operational concept of the moment will be relevant and have to be prepared to use
And operational concept as soon as possible. “

He has been in the beginning, it was clear that to make a difference, not about changing the title and icon: “we understood that revolution currently under way through six elements through which we can make a significant change which brings deep and be relevant to the future.” According to Colonel Haimovitz, the first component of the change taking place. “We saw the size of the changes occurring in the atmosphere, and the trick was to be able to identify, understand where and which takes us right solution to provide,” he says.

“Until a few years ago we met universes collapsed of the threat, so far aczer today. Hexam, who he is very technologically advanced, GDP (steep path) within few kilometres through the day range of hundreds and thousands of miles, “noted the Commander. “Every time there are other more key
And versions of threats and intimidation and whole world expands. This type of race we want to always make sure that we are the enemy, and one of the major challenges is to develop a weapons system to a specific threat, but a rstelit system that can handle anything. “

An extra dimension about explained Colonel Haimovitz is the mission. “Until some
Years followed the basic tasks are tactical terror classic which was one of the operational period, country name protection and protecting the airspace, “said,
And said one of the changes was to distinguish them is that the space missions has increased significantly. “Today it’s not just about protecting my country but also for the world, which is called active defense, and fold the ability to deal with any set of threats.”

In addition, one of the main tasks assigned to the air force was the job warning and early detection. “This is a relatively new mission two years ago, about whom
The air and the world active defense “, said Colonel Haimovitz, who added that” the discovery of an early deterrent, no matter if it is made by GoC army or air force, should converge quickly operational picture “.

In relation to active defense wing today, said Colonel Haimovitz “today we realize that the main challenge is to develop a multidimensional mission capabilities. Before the age of knowing systems respond to only one type of threats. Now this is a multi mission system, which can handle simultaneously active protection and defence of the country name, and enough flexibility,
Agility and efficiency in mshimotihan. Wing Commander added that “until a year and a half ago we arranged by geographically. Since we realized that there is a multi-dimensional threat and zirati, mitshtch the front and hinterland countries close and far, and that it is less relevant preparations. When you need capacity and jointly, we need to look at the national and international evidence rather than locally.

Colonel Haimovitz added that “when you all together, a year and a half, we managed to make a tactical array to an array of national strategic vision, has a unique and unheralded elements which are in the process of development and learning. An array with the ability to influence, even perceptions of openness to new worlds of content was a part of until recently.

Translated from Hebrew