“Wings of gold” awarded to veteran pilot course

כנפי הזהב. צילום: חיל האוויר

The Commander of the air force awarded the prestigious medal to graduates to aircraft cycles 33-38, 50 years wearing flight wings silver sparkles. Nehoshtan “formed a central pillar in the history of the Corps.”

תאריך: 18/03/2012, 18:14    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

Pilot course for graduates 33 cycles up to 38 arrived last week to air force school in Herzliya, “golden wings ceremony” indicating the year of 50 in his coveted goals anidtan. During the traditional ceremony of the veteran pilots were to receive, in recognition, gold wing medal.

Families, young pilots are excited and the families watched videos depicting
Short course in the same family, and learn a little about her.

Senior representative, major ret Shlomo Milo, said excitedly that “we, graduates of courses between 1959-1962, were severe wars and generation of the country.
Those were the wars that have shaped the air force and the fighting spirit. ” Major ret. Milo thanked the air force right to fly, to defend the country, to be upgraded which made hard work and integrity, values education, integrity, loyalty, friendship and devotion.

The Gold wings awarded, like the orders before Yuval, the Commander of the air force, then Ezer Weizman and today major general ido nehushtan. On wearing wings while flying
Changed, but there was no doubt that the old fighters excited about occasion. Pilot pilot they went on stage to accept the Medal and who has not received it’s replaced the family.

“I was asked earlier if I had time to come here today. Considering the current situation, the question was instead. The answer is the Golden little it received today, “said Gen. nehushtan. “The air force is in the last two days of extensive activity in the South, and can and should continue to prevent such events.”

Nehoshtan added that ״אני going here. Each one of you has become a myth and a strong layer formed along his ethos, which became a central pillar in the force’s reputation. The same ethos translated today into the meaning of his Middle Eastern power Navy and the dreaded power it represents, you built.

Makhoul said at the ceremony that from 644 abortions carried out by IAF jets, 58.1 made during the course of the present. He changes overview that happened since I finished the course and said that “despite the many developments, we still need the best, the best means and the best people.”

A graduate of the number 33, ret. Maj. Eitan Carmi, told IDF website that “the most exciting thing is that I have to be here today. There are adult family members received
The wings and I get them myself. Major ret. Karmi said that the situation in which met with members from the various courses, some for the first time in 50 years, is very exciting.

Translated from Hebrew