Winter is here and with guidelines for new clothing for soldiers

Head of army discipline and sharpens the wear, that purpose retaining the uniformity in appearance and dress. All the details

תאריך: 14/01/2013, 13:54    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

In the midst of winter and after the storm subsided about the State of Israel for long days – head and discipline in the manpower Directorate, Lt.-Col. Oren Avraham, cleans up with General guidance and performance wear during winter. A detailed letter has been distributed to all IDF with winter’s arrived, but now are
Some spellbound to help soldiers maintain normal performance depending on orders.

“The performance and wear are the most basic part of an orderly organization like the military. We have to be uniform and that is our external symbol, “explained Lieutenant Colonel Avraham. In General, appearance and guide wear permanent orders אכ”א detailed 33-05-01. “All that is not specified in the command – prohibited wear by soldiers
The IDF “, explained the head of the regime and discipline.

Winter is here and with guidelines for new clothing for soldiers

INFOGRAPHIC: Jess Ben harush, IDF spokesperson

One of the places he had to keep wearing the garment top ranks, for example on a coat or a sweater to wear uniforms allowed. Black or brass olive colored, wear on fatigues (with written permission of the Commander of the unit with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel or inside the unit) does not require suturing, but only for officers and NCOs. “Pilots, for instance, can move with a leather Aviator jackets if the symbol only appears on them, which replaces the tag unit, said Lt. Col. Abraham. Anyway, moving with the upper garment Cap.

Cut the scarves – permission is wearing a black scarf and jacket zip under Sun when the veil will be put into the jacket. Warm neck wear is allowed only on every
B and color. Currently, there are no others to move with a warm neck. “It is important to be between things – neck warmer will appear in the color that corresponds to a uniform,” said Lt.-Col.
Abraham. Gloves can also draw from the drawers, provided they are black or olive green. “The soldiers are permitted to wear gloves for completeness only, divided, and specify the regime and head of discipline. Stocking hats allowed for dressing only when wearing fatigues and black. Earflaps on all types prohibited.

Among the religious population, serving throughout the year allows them to wear tights depending on orders, and with long skirts. Beside that, starting in November.
Until the beginning of April may only prohibit movement Commander in sandals. For the avoidance of doubt and for – engine allowed with sandals and socks. The army also sweaters off kolbiham, approved by the sweaters they quilted vests “commands with v-neck. Sweaters, sweaters for women recognized, not patched, not more regulation.

In addition, IDF soldiers to retrieve the color, umbrellas and all.
In cold regions, such as the Hermon, for example, provided to IDF special uniforms
To maintain body temperature, known as hrmunies or Teddy bear coats. “These items are allowed to dress in rare areas according to standards of units. Technological and Logistics Directorate does testing and that “, said Lieutenant Colonel Avraham. Anyway,
Apparel items are allowed to wear only benefit the task in the same place (clothing).

The main objective in winter clothing for soldiers is maintaining consistency in appearance and dress. The main change is that most of the items must be in winter jacket combination – to preserve consistency. For example, it is forbidden to wear gloves and his sleeves.

“We’re the largest body in the country, and its representatives see us everywhere. Therefore, the visibility and the equally important also in disciplinary procedure “, said Lieutenant Colonel Avraham.

Translated from Hebrew