With look-ahead: Captain Ziv Levi returns to event that changed his life.

צילום: טל מנור, דובר צה”ל

Captain Levi injured explosion in Gaza, lost his left arm.
Full year event in between school rehabilitation, he hopes to return to the IDF, “it burns me like the first day on the job. Special interview

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מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

פיקוד הדרום

Almost 100 years separating the battle of Port Arthur in 1904 to fence in the Gaza Strip, between two warriors who lost their left operational.
One, Joseph trumpeldor, returned to the forefront despite his injury. Captain Scarlet Ziv Levi – can’t wait for the moment when coming back to the IDF a year ago just got a company 3rd Battalion of the Givati Brigade Sabra bitter reminder about the dangers of keeping the security of the region. “It’s something memorable hard head, even if you are trying to make. Within five to 20 minutes of life passing before your eyes – and you understand.
You are in an unusual situation, “says in an interview to the site dictionary, IDF major Ziv, one year after the event that caused him to lose his left arm.

With look-ahead: Captain Ziv Levi returns to event that changed his life.

Although year since an explosion on the trunk-memory not fades.
His troop of routine activity performed dictionary of axes in the sector, and as part of that was
For the warriors to make clear the cargo. “It was a very small charge on the gate went open, better cached and therefore could not identify him. As soon as I opened the gate – it just exploded, “recalls the dictionary.

Almost all odds remains Captain Zeb shilon fully conscious and began to turn himself back toward the soldiers he commanded them.
“I couldn’t collect myself – the rest your left hand with your right hand, picked up and ran back with the ceramic vest and other equipment I had,” he says. Even today the words coming out of his mouth from the exceptional composure, in a situation that seems as impossible to digest. “What gave me the ability to demonstrate cool against my soldiers 200 metres range back to David (military vehicles – Dr. r.c.),” he explains and notes that concern after the cargo arrives kidnapping. “It is not unthinkable that owning,
So it made me regain my composure. I told myself that I didn’t have time to stay there,
And I realized I was losing a lot of blood. “

With look-ahead: Captain Ziv Levi returns to event that changed his life.

Chief, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz, visiting Captain Ziv Levi. Photo: IDF

At this point the door heading for the force, which was him just a few hundred metres.
“I felt like I was running a distance of 7 miles; And it was important for me to air cool, give clear commands and explain exactly what my situation, “he said and added that” they also experienced
This level hurts the first time, but I knew I could try to mitigate it. “

Shilon to the medic who treated him, and explained the two steps needed to position – placing a tourniquet with his right hand and left hand dressing. At 35 seconds of the injury and the stove space he managed to place two barriers and what name to Soroka Hospital, “he recalled. The most difficult pain assaulted him in the air, on the way to the hospital. “These were the moments that I really realized I was on his deathbed. I was weak and I fought myself not to close my eyes and sleep because I knew that if I close my eyes now may not open them again.

“Even if I showed you always showed the beer war soon after.”

After removing the left hand and intricate surgery rehabilitation process began, who has not yet been completed. Captain Adam physicians speculated that the recovery will take between two to three, and so far all the umbrellas designed to prevent infections and hours upon hours of physiotherapy. “I had a very difficult few months in the hospital, and some time not
I couldn’t even get out of bed, “he says.

At some point before it was changed to the Department of rehabilitation, and then felt that he needed to get himself emotionally, too. “I started to give lectures about the incident that happened to me and I talked a lot about proportions to life and ability to rise from extreme situations and react in stressful situations — where 1 the school alive, and even citizens, described the dictionary. The lectures he delivers in a voluntary manner.

With look-ahead: Captain Ziv Levi returns to event that changed his life.

The media and senior security and Nehru.
To his captain’s Ziv Levi first days more injury, and despite a serious injury has insisted to transmit another image entirely. “I had a very difficult periods of uncertainty and lack of motivation, but it was important for me to show that. Even if I saw a beer.
I’ve always seen the war then and dissolution, “he said. These messages were important to him, especially when he expected at IDF. “no matter what happens – soldiers didn’t break, especially for men, and especially people who are in the front. It was important for me to show that even if injured – never crashes, and should return to fight and defend the motherland “, clarifies that dictionary.

The orblit his impressive ability and charisma which has harnessed to deliver a positive message, while he is in the army – between the rehabilitation desire to return. “If by now contributed in front with my soldiers, guns and drank alcohol, intensive and the State – today there’s another kind of contribution, that contribution until he gets back,” he says and leaves room for error. “Of course it’s my world – to be company. I didn’t finish it, not fulfilled it still burns me like the first day I took the job. After the role from me is fire control.

With look-ahead: Captain Ziv Levi returns to event that changed his life.

Captain Ziv Levi gives Staples to his subordinates. Photo: IDF spokesman Tal Manor

Not once called him “hero” or “national icon”, but Captain Adam Sieff is modest at these titles. “In reality that we live in the country – we replace these heroes all the time. I hope that, as with the Jews, we can get to where you get air and say ‘ let us live. I wish it would come to this age, this is my biggest ambition, “he stated.

Among the tips he explains, that-in service is the real heroism. “I don’t think I
An unusual hero and I don’t know if I feel like a hero. Anyone who serves the country
The soldiers sitting in Carrière and decrypt aerial photographs to soldiers at the front. The hooiia of giving without wanting to get her big hero for me, especially in the world of interest which we live “.

With look-ahead: Captain Ziv Levi returns to event that changed his life.

Purple Regiment stayed warm House, and he maintains close contact with
The bone marrow at the time of the event and the bone marrow. “I’m involved and hard with my men.
And the commanders. Me and my second talk. I think my period November 11 of Sabra’s Regiment, legend, the best we have, “he says, and still thinking about. “I am proud to have led them all the way, and if you ask me if I would do it again – I repeat it five times.”

During pillar still lying in the hospital. “I looked at the tv and said to myself ‘ God-.-‘ I hope I get back to my natural place soon.”

One-handed Warrior

Currently learning Captain Zeb shilon IDC trials, kept in the rehabilitation process and stop looking at the moment will ever wear. He hopes that with the treatment successfully return your hand to the spec. “If I will be good – I believe with one hand can handle combat role.”

With look-ahead: Captain Ziv Levi returns to event that changed his life.

Shilon forgets to mention that the IDF is the long-awaited destination for us, standing in front of him also ideologically. “It’s not because I have a dependency on the system. I want to come back.
1A and I hope you will allow me. Despite this, I hope that happens to me a miracle right hand back. With lots of faith, I believe I can make it, “he States.

Below is not afraid to challenge either addition against those who might think that a man with one hand can’t walk back into combat service. “I’d love for whoever the stable orbital combat soldier’s challenge – even with one hand. That soldier, who commanded the regiment returned after losing his hand in operation cast lead, with second hand
Perfectly healthy. I’m still waiting for my moment. “

With look-ahead: Captain Ziv Levi returns to event that changed his life.

Shilon was intended to become the regimental officer, married to the company’s position that hoped to get him. “I need every moment, every second second. I
Think I was good at what I did – even in the command level and a professional level. The strap itself is known, after being in a year and a half. I have a pretty rich experience in Gaza “is a particular.

Meanwhile, dozens of soldiers continue to join the ranks of the Givati Brigade in cycles
The draft, a year after the injury of RAM on the system. “I’m sure there was some
Deterrence because of my situation, but if I put at stake the amount of people who influence them positively – I believe there are many more of these, “he explains. He arrived.
Not one to speak before the Defense cadets and to clarify them was replaced with them though.
No banner is always at the top of every Warrior, but comes to him with a severed hand was company guy and tell him he would do everything to sit where it sits today. I think it takes it from the inside, because I say that and mean it.

With look-ahead: Captain Ziv Levi returns to event that changed his life.

After a conversation held between commanders in fresh recruits Division came to call from one of the officers. “Ask the soldiers why they got 1A and Givati Brigade, and one of the soldiers stood up and said he had come to the service. It filled me, hear my story’s soldiers decided to take the decision to join and contribute.

Hand that lost is used by Captain Adam Sieff and falsie, one stands out – Red Fox against the backdrop of sea and sand, and amassed on both sides. “Drown the Givati’s badge six months after receiving their prosthesis. Don’t leave Division – if you don’t have a badge on his shoulder, then at least you have on hand, “he says with a smile.

Translated from Hebrew