With our memory of the IDF in Israel systems 23,085

From the previous day are added to the casualties falling 92. During Memorial Day ceremonies held 52 national memory, the main rally will take place at the Western Wall Plaza in Jerusalem

תאריך: 14/04/2013, 13:37    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה“ל

Today (Mon) 16:00, open Memorial Day events in a State ceremony in the presence of the Prime Minister, Chairman of the Knesset, Deputy Defense Minister and chief rabbis to Israel, Yad labanim yeshiva in Jerusalem. At 8 p.m., old Horn play all over the country, omit the opening of Yom hazikaron Israel. Immediately after the siren start rallies.

Main memory held rally at 8 p.m. in the Western Wall Plaza in Jerusalem, the head of State and Commander in Chief, and her wish in the synagogue case in songs, in the presence of Defense Minister, Chairman of the Knesset, Minister of welfare, Deputy Chief and Chief of police.

Tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. play a two-minute siren, and then begin the rites and ceremonies of State memory memory. The memorial service will take place at central State at Mount Herzl, the country’s President, Prime Minister and Chief of Department and Ministry of Defense Memorial, Memorial Day, the arrival of more than a million and a half people to military cemeteries around the country.

Vice President and head of families and commemoration in the Defense Ministry, Moualem says that the Defense Ministry “saluting the fallen, and embrace the bereaved families. Hearts with bereaved families and with the little Israel with male noplio. Memorial wing and completed many months of preparation. We work tirelessly to help alleviate more than 1.5 million people in homes and cemeteries “.

The number of fallen Israel systems from 1860 (תר”ך) and the day he 12.4.2013
23,085 from Memorial Day 5772 (25.4.12) until today, added 92 for the fallen martyrs: martyrs, martyrs of IDF security forces (police), 44 IDF that died as a result of a permanent disability and recognized during the Sabbath year. several bereaved families in Israel 2012 is content, 2,324 17,553 orphans and widows of IDF and -4,964.

52 state memory will ceremonies at military cemeteries around the country. Hundreds of additional memory will be ceremonies in military burial plots in the cemetery of Kiryat Shmona to Eilat, and thousands of graves in various communities. Toward the value of commemorative activities and renovation, maintenance, cleaning and gardening, cemetery houses and damaged or old posts, expanding accessibility to disabled and cemetery monuments and an elderly population, while providing attention to every single one of the relatives.

The stickers 4,100,000 macabim ‘ Printing Office. The stickers will be distributed in schools, cemetery ceremonies and educational institutions throughout the country. Tens of thousands of stickers ‘ macabim ‘
Israel sent delegations worldwide.
Hundreds of buses and shuttles to the military cemetery, the Defense Ministry put the public at Mount Herzl and throughout the country.
About a million bottles of water will be distributed to the public and the bereaved families at the entrance of the cemetery.

120,000 people leave flowers, bundles of tombs and memorials for the fallen in Israel and abroad. Approximately 20,000 chairs scattered in military cemetery, near the grave, Chair to bereaved parents easier. Approximately 23,000 candles ‘ remember ‘ and pennants are lit and placed next to the graves of the fallen. Yahrzeit candle, and a bouquet of flowers diglon members of families and the Tomb monument of all fall before Memorial Day, diglon, light a candle and placed a bouquet of flowers.

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