Within 20 years: the number of women has doubled in the air force.

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Air Force Association estimate hacking night salute to women arm’s way: the first atiissot to the current headquarters of iron dome battery “. From: “we haven’t exhausted the potential of women”

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Other pioneering women, opened new worlds to other women, stood in the middle of the annual meeting of the Association. Tonight, focuses each year on a different subject from the practice in force, dedicated to stories of pioneers air arm: from warning to oitov, and Palmach fighter squadron in the IAF, and Batya orni, the first RAF Navigator; Through cutting-edge women’s 1990s-ADI rdshtski, first in the Al, and Margalit tirosh, spearheaded the first administration Squadron; And of course, to the women of today, major c, Deputy Commander of the air Squadron, “Maj. revital, Chief iron dome battery, including engines and armament-officers ‘ promotions, and intelligence officers scattered throughout.

Within 20 years: the number of women has doubled in the air force.

“From the date of establishment of the air force, women took part in the action,” said Maj. Gen. Amir Eshel,
The Commander of the force. “Small group, mainly in the auxiliary roles open to women’s integration in all areas of extensive, in the air and on the ground. Today, women fighting positions filled
Because the flying and air defense. There are thousands of women in permanent service and 6000
Soldiering. Their volume has doubled in 20 years. We are in an ongoing process, and in the air force. We are still far from exhausted the potential quality and existing capabilities within Israeli society. We must increase our best, increase integration, strengthen the air force and the army and to set an example to the entire state of Israel. “

Translated from Hebrew