Within 24 hours after many crossings other brigades: attempts of smuggling weaponry Mayo

צילום אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

Taoz battalion tracked Palestinian suspects who carried them, צה”לי gas grenade pistol and several knives. The Mag: “determination and sharpness of the foiled an security
Means “

תאריך: 21/08/2013, 20:31    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב ורותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

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Within 24 hours after the security guards of the transitions of taoz firearms and weapons into Israel territory. The troops are part of the military police corps stationed at checkpoints in Judea and Samaria and Jerusalem envelope area balance between maintaining confidence in citizens of the State of Israel and maintain normal life texture
Of Palestinians passing through checkpoints.

Last night caught a Palestinian vehicle weapons such as air-gun, צה”לי gas grenade, several knives and a Taser at a bgsert ake. “The coming Israeli-Arab guy who inspires his suspicion of the security guard at the crossing, told IDF site taoz battalion,
Lieutenant Colonel Amir to thank. The person did not have the proper permits to pass through and once received
The decision to perform inspection began to show signs of some pressure. “The car that came to the
Would permit to enter Israel, but not this checkpoint and what triggered the initial suspicion, “explained another Majles to weapons found about $ 9000 in cash – an unusual amount of money to carry.

Finding the weapons and the decision on the inspection were a direct result of security awareness and security skills. “It was a double – concealable body armor in vehicle, behind the rear seat. The determination and sharpness of the security guard who spotted the man raising
They thwarted the transfer means, as well as what makes our warriors from other warriors, “said Lieutenant Colonel to Zuber. The suspect was transported to Israel Police investigation.

Within 24 hours after many crossings other brigades: attempts of smuggling weaponry Mayo

The crossings with fighter weaponry seized. Photo: IDF

In addition, yesterday arrested by taoz battalion two Palestinian who tried to enter Israel with fake IDs. Two weeks ago, were arrested at the other three Palestinians drove a stolen vehicle and burglary equipment. “We have many cases of bogus documentation, but our fighters like to
The mission professionally and work nights days to protect the country from hostile terrorist activity, smuggling weaponry and criminal channels, majestic taoz.

Another concept that stands as an achievement for the experienced battalion occurred
A few hours ago at the checkpoint. “Palestinians arrived and showed signs of suspicious behavior, and therefore decided to make him the airport security,” said Lieutenant Colonel to Zuber.
According to him, in the evening it is rare to find a person who comes to the continuously at a checkpoint. After searching the suspect were found on a stack of M-16 type weapons, full of bullets, as well as a knife. “The measures were hidden and wrapped in aluminum foil, and I suppose the suspect computer so he can escape inspection and identify the means”, explained Lieutenant Colonel to Zuber. Even in this case the suspect is arrested and taken to Israel Police investigation.

In all the cases described, it was a professional security guards who clinched the spoon. “98% of the people who are innocent people who passes to move from place to place to work. Wisdom and the mission.
Is to locate two percent have other intentions and put the us “, said Lieutenant Colonel to Zuber and explain the tension between maintaining security in Israel and maintaining the fabric of life.

Perceptions in the last 24 hours are relatively unusual event because it detected during firearms. “Seizures are occurring all the time, but perceptions of ammunition and firearms not sources every day. It is an unusual magnitude event, “concluded John taoz.

Translated from Hebrew